From Iceland — Techno Superpower: X/OZ Label Manager On Untapped Potential, Trust And Connecting Through Music

Techno Superpower: X/OZ Label Manager On Untapped Potential, Trust And Connecting Through Music
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Anna Ásthildur Thorsteinsdóttir is a mainstay in the vivid world of Icelandic music, where she usually resides behind the scenes. She has experience as a project and marketing manager, head of communications and promotion and, in the past year, as label manager of X/OZ Music—a recent imprint headed by local techno musician Arnviður Snorrason a.k.a. Addi Exos.

Fantastic and electronic

The label’s focus is on regular techno music releases and events in Reykjavík and abroad. “There’s a lot of untapped potential in Iceland. Many bedroom producers are apprehensive about releasing their music,” she says. “We are here for them so they can say: ‘Here is my baby, my hard work, I trust you.’”

By taking on her job as label manager, Anna wanted to work with the music she is most passionate about. “We constantly talk about the music, the look, the vibe, and how to create a techno superpower!” Soon X/OZ Music’s sub-label—Planet X—will launch. “We’ll be churning out some fantastic electronic music and banging techno,” Anna says. “If you’re interested in this kind of music, you won’t be disappointed.”


Despite her dedication to techno, Anna seeks out other genres of music for work and enjoyment. “I was once a flower-dress and secondhand-clothes-wearing hipster who listened to indie rock and pop music,” she says. “My ears were opened up by my BFF Kría, who introduced me to both electronic music and the idea that the music you listen to doesn’t define you.”

Anna does not miss Iceland’s nightlife since moving to Berlin. “Here you can go to a club on a Friday, dance to great music and go home in one piece,” she explains. “I don’t have many good things to say about the clubbing culture back home. The music is often secondary to getting blackout drunk,” Anna laments. “But remember, there are some fantastic people out there that share your love of music. Go find them and connect with them.”

Info: Find X/OZ Music on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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