From Iceland — Sour Grapes & Stuff: Issue 2, 2016

Sour Grapes & Stuff: Issue 2, 2016

Published February 18, 2016

Sour Grapes & Stuff: Issue 2, 2016

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This issue’s most awesome letter!


Just returned from a weekend in Reykjavik. Amazing snow covered lava landscapes, geysers, iced over Gullfoss, Hekla concert hall ,Northern Lights blah blah blah. Whilst visiting Þingvellir for sunrise ( not so torcherous at 10.20am) and I needed to use the toilet and the sign for the toilet featured a credit card (see attached photo). Only in Iceland would you need a credit card to “spend a penny”.


We highly appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It seems pretty clear to us that this is a contributing factor to the plethora of tourists pooping all over the country. Sure, we all had a good laugh about that, but can you blame them, when they’re being charged to answer nature’s call? This clearly has to change. Public toilets should be free and available to the public at large – credit card holders or no.

The Reykjavík Grapevine

I was stationed at Rockville in Iceland years ago. I am a world famous artist now, I want to ”come back” to Iceland now. How do I do that? I have a lot to offer. The United States ‘sucks’.
I miss Iceland.
Call me.

James Williamson

Hey James!

Well first, congratulations on your stellar post-military art career. We love world famous artists here in Reykjavík! There are many airlines flying into Iceland these days, including, from what we hear, a handful of $99 flights via WOWair. But, well, American citizens can only
stay here for 90 days before they have to get a residency permit/ get married/ whatever, or return back to the land of ‘suck’.
So, good luck with that!

The Reykjavík Grapevine

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