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Published September 21, 2012

Sour Grapes & Stuff

Most Awesome Letter of the Issue
My name is Cindy Voss and I’m from Washington State.  My grandmother, Laufey Magnusdottir, was born in Reykavik in 1898.  She passed in 1986.  I am doing family history research and came across some photos I believe were taken in Iceland when my grandmother went back to visit her brother (Magnus Magnusson) in early 1970’s.  Is there anyway to post the photos to the paper and enquire if anyone knows the people in the photos?  All older family members have since passed and no one is around to verify people in the photos.
Any help you can give me is appreciated.  I have attached two of the four photos for your reference.  My grandmother Laufey (Louise) is in the red.  Thank you.
Dear Cindy
We are happy to help! We only had room to print one of them, but print it we did! Since you’re all the way over in Washington state and thus likely can’t claim your AWESOME LETTER prize, we came up with a great idea to go along with it (because your task is awesome): we will donate this issue’s prize (it’s probably something nice like a lobster meal or something) to whoever first sends you a great lead on these photos! Just let us know who it is and we’ll fix ‘em up real good!
Good luck with it all!  

The present email is a directly complaint:
With date 22.06.12 the online edition show the fallow info:
“When he and his husband split up in November, they did so with the agreement that Ita live at the ex’s place, and that he could visit the cat regularly. When Juan Carlos attempted to move the cat to a new home, his ex refused to give up Ita, and he has not seen the cat since.”
Can the journalist provide the agreement?.  The ex dont refuse, the ex change the locked in the door that he cant take the cat.
The court found that records of ownership at convincingly prove that his ex-husband is the owner of the cat, and that Juan Carlos has not sufficiently proven ownership.
Wrong information.!!! The court finish saying that Dyraaudkenni it was not prove of ownership!. Totally wrong information. And the court never said the husband it was the owner.
Is just terrible how the journalist use wrong information to post as a show to get some views. Is terrible how poor is the investigation and the professionally in the media showing like this that the amazing profession have no base to give us a real and veridic information.
Take your own conclusion.
Best Regards,
Juan Carlos Suarez L.
Dear Juan,
we love all cats, especially our own cats, and we definitely empathise with you. We apologise for our purported journalistic misdeeds (although to be fair, we were only reporting what the Icelandic media was saying) and we hope you guys can find an acceptable solution to this stressful dilemma.

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