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Most Awesome Letter

Published July 6, 2009

Most Awesome Letter

Hello you all people from the Grapevine and not, from here or there, well Iceland is a small place, so it occurred to me to write a message here, maybe word of mouth would help me get my beloved bicycle back.
I am absolutely GUTTED. Saturday the 27th at 5.20 as I was in the Vinbud, somebody went off with MY bicycle. I still can t believe it. It´s surreal. Sure, it s my “fault”, I should have locked it.  But this is ICELAND for Christ´s sake! You don´t lock your bike when you go into the freaking vinbud for 5 minutes! It´s the country where people leave their babies in their prams outside shops whilst they have a coffee, sjit man!
I’m still hoping this is all a mistake, because the other (shitty) also red bicycle, which is too big for me and has no front brakes was parked not far from  mine and also unlocked, so he may have taken mine inadvertently.Only if he who took it has half a brain, he will have noticed pretty soon that suddenly he could reach the pedals much better.., so the more time goes by, the less I believe in that.
Yet it would comfort me to know that Iceland is not going to the dogs, like all these other freaking countries where you have to watch your stuff wherever you go.
So if you hear a funny story about a guy who took a bike for his in front of vinbud, let me know.
And if YOU, who took it, don´t want to go to hell and/or be cursed, you and your descendants over the next 10 generations (at least), and lose a big fat load of good karma, just bring it back!!!! I want it back NOW, rather desperately.
Emma –
Dear Emma,
you know, people don’t really like stealing babies in Iceland. But bikes are a whole different ballpark. After having a bunch of bikes stolen from me over the past decade (one was even stolen twice – beat that!) I have learned that you simply do not leave it unlocked or attended never ever. Ever.
So I agree with you, your bike being stolen was your fault. But this will all be for the best. In the immortal words of Alanis Morrissette: “You live, you learn, etc.” Hope the free beer helps you accept your loss. At least you won’t have to go to Vínbúð this weekend.

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