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Sour Grapes

Published June 16, 2006

Sour Grapes

The Grapevine received this letter from Yulia Volkova of t.A.t.U
A friend of mine told me there was this magazene in Iceland that was saying we were the greatest band in the world. I thought, wow, that’s pretty cool. I didn’t read what you wrote but we wanna say to all our Iceland friends WE LOVE YOU!!! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL REAL SOON!!!
I guess that’s it. The Grapevine has been recognized by the greatest and most awesome band in the world. There is nothing more left for us to do, so I guess this is our last issue. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers for their support through the years.
Dear Sveinn Birkir Björnsson
I have read with interest your article on “The Dreamland: A Self Help Book For A Frightened Nation”. I live in Trinidad and Tobago and we are under the threat of not one but several aluminium smelters being constructed on our small island.
Can you let me know if Andri Snær Magnason’s book has been translated into English and if so where it is available for purchase? The Trinidad & Tobago struggle is documented on
Sylvia Clarck Farnum
Sadly, the book has not been been translated yet, although a few more letters like this one might do the trick, or even launch Magnason to write a different book completely on the Trinidad & Tobago situation. But, I really thought that the most difficult problems facing Trinidad & Tobago was getting out of Group B at the World Cup in Germany.
Dear Editor,
A friend and I visited Iceland for the first time June 1st. We both loved the beauty, friendliness, and fun of this unique country and would like to extend our thanks to those we met there.  We quite enjoyed “The Grapevine!”  However, I am baffled at the fact that everyone we met seemed to ask us why we were there. Some examples from the mouths of some friendly Icelanders: “what brings you to Iceland?,” “why did you come to Iceland?,” “why did you want to come here?” etc etc.. 
Why is this?!
Amy P.  🙂
New York, USA
The sad truth is that we Icelanders just really, really love to hear people talk about how beautiful and and awesome the our country is. That is why we continually ask foreigners about their reasons to come, so they can start tehlllng us about all the wonderful things they have seen. I continually bother my foreign friends with these kind of questions myself. In fact, I have a friend from Russia who no longer speaks to me as constantly bagder him questions like ‘why do love Iceland?’

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