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Published April 7, 2006

Sour Grapes

Many thanks for bringing up the subject of the LazyTown invasion. I do realize that there are things out there that may have a more negative influence on my kids, but there are few things as eminent and persuasive for them as this LazyTown craze these days. After each episode, I have to spend hours on playing down expectations about McDonalds hamburgers (ad running just before the show), pink plastic shoes and vitamins with aspartame that no healthy and well fed kid will benefit from.
And what’s with Stephanie’s dress? Pass her a few Lato’s to buy a longer one.
Birkir’s piece in the last issue, Hey Sportacus, Leave My Kids Alone, brought up some key issues of the LazyTown discussion, issues that were echoed in the Icelandic-language media– ahem, without any citation or reference to our own writer, specifically in a lengthy column in Fréttablaðið. This is an excellent service the Grapevine provides Fréttablaðið readers.
But let us return to LazyTown—yes, there are creepy aspects, and it is good to mention them. I guess I really don’t understand the argument fully… what television show do you think should raise your children?
Love Your Online
Reykjavík Grapevine
Thank you for a wonderful online publication! Really enjoy it. Will be visiting your neck of the woods for several days come this weekend.
Can’t wait to experience it. Your articles are doing well to prepare us for what may come.
Best regards to you and your staff on a very professional effort to inform the people.
Loredana 🙂
We do our best, which is to say that Paul Nikolov, Gunnar Hrafn Jónsson and Sveinn Birkir Björnsson get the news up by noon, Icelandic time, each day, while I drink coffee and babble incoherently.
I do believe that the Grapevine will prepare you better for all aspects of Reykjavík than any other publication.
How Dare You!
I was reading you latest copy of (G)rapevine issue and came across a very offensive comment. You said that Brain Police (A very bad band) had a rhythm section that would make RUSH jealous!!! I find that very offensive because Rush are gods among men and shouldn’t be put in a sentence with a gay band like Brain Police. I should sue you, but we are not in America so I won’t do anything. Except hate your lame magazine for many Aeons to come, you aging hippie liberal douche.
Your hateful non-friend – Ape Shaw
Dear Ape,
I’m sorry for offending you. I was referring to the fat-ass Canadian Led Zeppelin cover band Rush, not whatever band inspired your devotion. As for my age and political leanings- I think you’re confusing me for another Bart. I’m the 29-year-old Democrat who would vote for Bill Clinton for a third term, if possible, putting me in the moderate camp; I am not the aging hippie who did those dirty things to your mom at the Jerry Brown campaign rally and put them on that More Reasons to Hate Bush website. Glad to have you as a reader. Regarding lawsuits, the press is more open to lawsuits in Iceland than they are in America, so sue away. You could be the next Bubbi.
Letter to the Editor
Goodbye Iceland
I am returning to my home, America. I will miss your serene atmosphere. The simplicity I encounter in your small towns. The smell of the ocean which greets me in the early morning. I now understand the awe of Esja. When my life is troubled I will miss the comfort she brings me. The green hills and calming sound of water falling on rocks. This landscape has forever changed me. It will be the place my mind returns to when I need tranquillity. It took some time for my instant gratification personality to accept the type of silent friendship you offered. I eventually learned that you show love by just being. Constant. Strong. Like the old stones that dot the countryside like reminders of the past. I feel connected to something everlasting. My footprints on untouched land. The purity of your spirit.
My grandmother once told me it was better to say nothing unless you have nothing of substance to say. I see beauty in the small talk which fills your days. I’ve learned that the weather talk , the token “áttu kaffi?” , and the endless discussions of where the price per kilo on lamb is cheapest, keeps us connected. I once found quite baffling the unwillingness to discuss things of importance like emotions or feelings . Yet with time I realized that life just is. Time passes like water over black stones, polished smooth by eons of small talk.
I am glad I am leaving before the disgusting emptiness of consumerism along with the nauseating smell of capitalism become rampant and run over this land like blood. Like a plague. It’s begun. You do see the signs. It is a hard thing to point your finger at, but I would urge you to grind to a screeching halt the progression of your simple life to a life filled with meaningless objects, and the glimmer of a better life of more money hanging over the mouths of hungry, tired, bitter people, with no hope. That is America. You don’t want that. Pay attention to your own politics. They are leading you like a herd of sheep. Iceland is unique beauty. Save it. You don’t need big buildings to be beautiful or power for that matter. Money doesn’t make a nation happy. Be happy that your children enjoy a freedom which a child in America will never know. Be satisfied that when you are sick you can go to the doctor. Be happy that you don’t have to become hard and cold to suffering around you. Selfishness and greed are enough to corrupt the innocent. Read this paper. It is the one place you are getting non-slanted journalism. Turn your TV off. Throw your Fréttablaðið out. And start talking about what matters! Neal
Dear Neal,
Oh. Now that’s the kind of hippie talk that Rush devotee Ape Shaw loathes. He says aeon, you say eon.
Anyway, we get loads of these Goodbye, Iceland, letters, and the authors of these letters don’t call us douche bags. They often give extremely condescending and sanctimonious advice to the noble savages of Iceland, and warn against becoming… whatever the authors are.

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