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Published April 8, 2005


From: White Iceland
I’m frankly offended that Bobby Fischer is getting all this attention when hard-working Icelandic antisemites have been try to get the message out about jew-control for years only to be hauled into court or, worse, completely ignored!
Why is it that the standard argument against anti-jew comments is simply screaming, “Antisemite!” instead of proving that all the nasty things we say about the kikes isn’t true? Because they actually do run New York City, Hollywood, Washington D.C. and the respective banks, film companies and goverment institutions seated there with an untouchable arrogance the likes of which has gotten them chased out of every country that ever had the misfortune of playing host to them.
Please contact Foreign Minister Davíð Oddsson and Social Democrat Chair Össur Skarphéðinsson. They seem to take the considerations of raving anti-Semites first and foremost in making political decisions. You are a proud anti-Semite, perhaps your complaints that Bobby Fischer is stealing your anti-Semite thunder could qualify in their eyes as a human rights violation.
Subject: Bobby Fischer matter
Good day,
In media here in Iceland you have said that Bobby Fischer has been violating Icelandic law4s among other saying.
It is correct that Bobby Fischer has been talking very badly about Jews (he is a jew himself). Accusing them to steal his belongings and setting him illegaly to jail etc.
Also Bobby Fischer has been doubting that the Holocost story is told correctly.
These opinions of Bobby Fischer have been thought from most Icelanders just as his strange opinions.
We have freedom of speach here in Iceland.
I think though that many Icelanders have received a schock finding out that his arrest in Japan and in USA were perfectly illegal beond any doubts.
It was not at all illegal to play chess in Jugoslavia 1992, though one could say that it was not correct from Fischer4s point of view to do that while the situation in that aria were in such a mess.
Also no one here doubts the Holocost that was of course criminal act from terrible Hitler.
Though the most criminal against humanity in person was Stalin.
Holocost is though as other crimes against humanity not above critism or truth.
Statements of Bobby Fischer concerning 9/11 attack against USA is compleatly out of order, his hate against jews and Americans can not in any case excuse such statements.
He should bid of forgiveness for his statements in that case.
Concerning his statements that Jews in USA have been letting his life been miserable and stealing his belongins, this I realy fear is truth.
You see Bobby Fischer is not like common people.
He has in chess always been very loyal both to chess and truth.
If one looks at this socalled Israel today.
Israel is not at all Jews only as you pretend. Israel is 12 tribes shattered abroad from the land Israel.
One of that tribe is surely here in Iceland that is the tribe of Benjamin. This has been proved by the best specialists in the World.
Efraim tribe is in UK and Manase tribe established USA.
Dan tribe is in Denmark for example.
This can be seen on the Web:
So truth is over hypocrisy and hisory falsifications
with regards,
Erlingur Thorsteinsson
Interesting perspective. As the Boston Globe pointed out, about the only place Fischer could go that doesn’t have hate speech laws is the US.
So, for the record, Iceland has hate speech laws. Lucky for you, you seem more fantastically misinformed than hateful.
Be safe.
Damn your streams, litter your attics and turn your angels into whores; be addicts of gasoline & electricity Bring in the decay and breed your people with choice; the death of obligation with be the caressing of tolerance and diversity. How can I, a mere visitor, turn your sails, your cloth, to the pasts mistakes.
The fucknuts who threw rocks into your geysers now wash them with soap, so as to cause awe with masturbation and crush the love of flowers; and they call themselves—Environmentalists.
Minding my own business, as usual, having a beer, one of your Viking beers, cheep & hoppy as they are, a man approached me, a hardened island man says, “Where are you from?”
Strange he asked in English. “Vermont” I replied.
“Vermont?” he says puzzled, “Where is that?”
I said, “In the states.”
“Ok…,”he said, as he exuded a distasteful glow, “you’re an American.” His leer being the effluvium of the Upas Tree. So I said to he, staring back as a mirror, “Where are you from?”
Gritting his teeth, he said, “Iseland”
“Ok…” I sad, relieving my tention, “So you’re Eurotrash”
Being drunk he wanted a piece of me; being stoic he knew I’d kill him. After a pause I grinned and laughed; he too shared in the celebration and we became brothers—strangers knowing our names not….(MANY PAGES OF HAND-WRITTEN ACCOUNT)…
Have eye got plans for you—The Pirate
Hi, Crazy.
So nice to hear from you.
The crazy racists have taken up so much of our time, that we forgot the charm of just normal loonies.
Why is it when Valur was editing, he got nothing but emails telling him how great he was? And why is it, looking back at the files, I can’t find those emails?

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