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Published June 27, 2003


Dear Grapevine,
Where are all the foreign cars in Iceland?
A week ago I brought my car to Iceland for the summer on the ferry from Shetland. Since arrival in Iceland I’ve not seen a single foreign registration. My theory is that there’s a big hole somewhere that swallows foreign cars, and that I had better keep a sharp look-out!
My car seems to fascinate Icelanders. Frequently in car parks and garages I find Icelanders staring at my car, first at the GB sticker and the funny foreign number, then at the steering wheel on the right-hand side. When I parked my car for five minutes in Hveragerdi I returned to find a dozen children looking in the windows.
If you are driving a British registered car and you happen to see my British registered white Mercedes somewhere in Iceland, please do toot to say hello.
Graeme Davis
United Kingdom
Dear Dr. Davis
Nice to get some response, your theory is indeed right, the Grapevine research department has led an expedition to confirm your suspicion. The research team managed to find out that this black hole you refer to is indeed in Snæfellsnes, simultaneously we have also managed to find scientific proof for Jules Vernes never before proven theory that there is a hole in Snæfellsjökull which leads to the centre of the earth. So what happens is that when driving you suddenly you begin to feel a little gravitational pull. Gradually you will end up in Snæfellsnes and your foreign car will be sent to the centre of the earth.
Our centre of the earth correspondent Gregor T. Owen, says that is beginning to create a bit of a problem in the centre of the earth, the reason is that there are no roads there and cars
are therefore useless. -RG

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