From Iceland — Icelandic Facebook Group: Motivation Stelpur

Icelandic Facebook Group: Motivation Stelpur

Published February 6, 2018

Icelandic Facebook Group: Motivation Stelpur
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The obesity rate in Iceland currently stands at 22.8%, which is significantly lower than Britain’s gargantuan 28.1% but still embarrassingly higher than Denmark’s svelte 19.5%. It’s clearly an epidemic, but understandable, given how easy it is to gain weight. Take this example: add just one hundred extra calories a day, a small cookie, and by the end of the year you’ll stand 4.7 kilograms or 10.5 pounds heavier. Make it two cookies and you’re looking at a ten kilo gain. Losing weight is certainly difficult, but not impossible, and if you’re looking to tackle it or just get some tips on getting fit, “Motivation Stelpur” is a must-join.

“Motivation Stelpur” is not explicitly a weight loss group, but rather one that “promotes a healthy lifestyle.” Members post before-and-after pics, advice on losing fat or gaining muscle, new exercise ideas, and questions about everything from running shoes to juice fasts. It’s a remarkably positive environment. Post a query and you’re bound to get an overwhelming number of supportive comments. Still antsy? Don’t worry. Herbalife, Zinzino, and all other pyramid—oh sorry, “reverse funnel”—ads are banned.

“Herbalife, Zinzino, and all other pyramid—oh sorry, “reverse funnel”—ads are banned.”

The group boasts 19,120 members, which is about 5.9% percent of Iceland’s population. For reference, this is as if 39 million French people got together to support each other on their respective fitness journeys.

Some recent advice from the motivated women? Hera Rún recommends gym pants by BeFit & KUSK, an Icelandic exercise clothing brand. According to this fit chick, they are “the most beautiful and comfortable pants.” She completed the comment with a flex emoji and red heart. Motivation Stelpur is clearly not a no flex zone.

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