From Iceland — Track By Track: Sex On A Cloud By K.óla

Track By Track: Sex On A Cloud By K.óla

Published July 3, 2024

Track By Track: Sex On A Cloud By K.óla
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K.óla’s Sex on a cloud conveys missed connections and heartbreak 

Out June 28, solo artist K.óla’s fourth album installation — their first English-language release — Sex on a cloud follows interactions in close relationships, with most songs serving as an open letter to different people. Track by track, K.óla lists the inspirations and homages behind each song.


How much would it change?

The song is about having a crush on your friend and being scared to tell them because you know that could ruin the friendship you have, which you care so much about. The words seem to be stuck in your throat, but you are curious if the other person is maybe feeling the same way and you can’t stop thinking about if you should take the risk or not.

Sex on a cloud

The album title, which also shares the name of a rather unknown cocktail. What I like about “sex on a cloud” is that it conveys high expectations, and sounds quite ethereal and amazing. But in reality, it is probably very terrifying and scary, if you think about it. On the other hand, it’s a very sweet cocktail that sounds way better than it tastes. So, it’s all about expectations and seeing that real life can be a bit more complex. In the song, we observe an unhappy couple at a bar that is celebrating their anniversary but not enjoying it at all. The lyrics are really a projection of some fears I have; getting stuck in an unhappy place and not knowing how to change or get out of it, and the other being using alcohol to numb away emotional pain.

Close my eyes

This is about being in a long-distance relationship and missing the other person. Trying to get through the loneliness, when everything reminds you of the other person but you are in separate countries and it just doesn’t feel the same to talk to them through a phone or computer. The almost cheesy saxophone solo at the end is the cherry on top of those lonely and desperate emotions.

Because what else should you do when you go through a heartbreak, besides being miserable and writing songs about it?

I might be

This one is about falling for someone and suddenly wanting to change all your plans to make your future together work, while realising that maybe it’s not going to be so easy. Wondering if you should sacrifice your plans and old dreams to explore the new reality of going on an adventure into the unknown.

Count on me

“Count on me” was written with my friend Thomas Stankiewicz and is about friendship — about being there for your friends. With some friendships, you can go a long time without meeting or being in the same country and when you meet again it’s like you met yesterday. Also, thankfully with modern-day technology you can be there for your friends even though you are far away.

Let it grow

This is a breakup song. Because what else should you do when you go through a heartbreak, besides being miserable and writing songs about it? Well, this one is about all the emotions, being numb and sad, but still realising it is probably for the best. It’s also about acceptance.

Special to me

When you realise that you are growing in a separate direction from a person that is very special to you it can be super hard and filled with emotions. In this song, you can’t make the decision to leave so you procrastinate actually saying goodbye, even though you know it’s around the corner.

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