From Iceland — Grapevine New Music: Villi Neto, Kiasmos, Bogomil Font & More

Grapevine New Music: Villi Neto, Kiasmos, Bogomil Font & More

Published July 5, 2024

Grapevine New Music: Villi Neto, Kiasmos, Bogomil Font & More
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Joana Fontinha

An obvious nod to Iceland’s recent agrarian past can be found in the colloquial saying, “Hvað segja bændur?” Literally, it means, “What do farmers say?” but is meant as a general greeting — and Icelandicised “Wassup?” if you will. It’s a fairly uncommon one, but can definitely be useful if you want to show support for our troops… I mean farmers.  

Anya Shaddock — Inn í borgina
Released June 28 

Anya Shaddock’s music has been floating around the Grapevine offices for quite some time. Her debut LP, Inn í borgina doesn’t confine itself to a single element or genre, rather drawing from a range of influences from the well of jazz, funk, fusion, and RnB. A fine first album, Anya has made an important step in realising the breadth of her artistry. JB

Salsakommúnan & Bogomil Font – Í minni skel
Released June 28 

Bogomil Font was brought to Iceland to make our Scandinavian hips swing. Joined by the Latin-focused Salaskommúnan, “Í minni skel” is a summer-heavy slow-groove full of intricate little details. As Bogomil sings about being facing your fears and leaving your shell, there’s a message here about the national sport of codependency.  JB

Villi Neto — Portú Galinn
Released July 5

Known primarily for his comedy and acting, Villi Neto has known branched into a solo artist with his latest comedy record Portú Galinn. A blend of skits, original songs and covers, Villi includes a host of friends and collaborators in his unique offering of Millennial absurdism. I never imagined hearing a techno rendition of the patriotic folk song “Sem kóngur ríkti hann” until now — and I love it. JB

Kiasmos — II
Released July 5 

Duo Janus Rasmussen and Ólafur Arnalds never quite realised the behemoth they’d create when they decided to shift from their usual itineraries and form Kiasmos. Their first album in ten years is finally out, full of the band’s quintessential minimal techno, detailed sound design, and beats that’ll make you cry on the dancefloor. Check out the Grapevine’s in-depth interview with Kiasmos and their latest record here. JB

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