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Published August 23, 2017

Island Life
Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Reykjavík Grapevine Archives

If you’ve driven through east Iceland, you might have noticed that Borgarfjarðarvegur is in terrible shape. And by that we mean it is literally dotted with potholes, at least one of which measured at an axle-breaking depth of 30 centimetres. However, funds for road repair in the country in general are lacking, with different stretches of road needing prioritising, so response has been slow to come. With traffic increasing every year, East Icelanders are getting decidedly frustrated.

It seems Russia is in the news wherever you look, and not even the Icelandic countryside remains untouched. It has come to light that food inspection authorities in the Russian Federation have blocked the import of products from the Akraborg plant in Akranes. The reason has nothing to do with the EU sanctions against Russia that Iceland is taking part in, though; rather, it’s because they found cadmium levels that went beyond the “safe limit” in Akraborg products. How much cadmium is safe to eat? Your guess is as good as ours.

Finally, Katla the volcano (again, not to be confused with Katla the DJ) trolled the international media hardcore. Glacial flooding and tremors changed its colour code from “everything is OK”-green to “maybe things are not so OK”-yellow. This was cited in numerous articles about how a major eruption in Iceland was not only days but mere hours away. If you were worried, we’re fine. Just more FAKE NEWS from the LIBERAL MEDIA trying to STEAL OUR JOBS. #sad

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