From Iceland — Well, You Asked: Come Home To Roost

Well, You Asked: Come Home To Roost

Published November 13, 2023

Well, You Asked: Come Home To Roost
Catherine Magnúsdóttir
Photo by
Art Bicnick

The Grapevine’s finest answers your most pressing questions

Do you ever get bored of living in such a gorgeous place?

I was going to be cynical and snarky – and there is something to be said about just getting used to your environment and being regularly inconvenienced by the weather so high up North that it takes some of the romanticism away – but dammit I have a mountain outside my window and a fresh sea breeze when the wind turns. I think a whale just did a flip under a rainbow behind me as I was writing this and slurping my coffee. The night sky glows sometimes! No! I can’t get used to it! I moved here permanently for this! Fuck!

Where do foreigners who live in Iceland meet?

Chances are that the people you approach and actually manage to hold a conversation with for more than a minute have at least some foreign background, so that’s always a good start. Most “homegrown” Icelanders are particularly skittish and have a pronounced RBF that tends to discourage any direct approach without a bribe in your open and outstretched hand. Honestly, just check Facebook for groups and events?

When will the new constitution be implemented?

Oh, the new constitution? The constitution that was voted for in a referendum 11 years ago? The one that the Women’s Association for a New Constitution created a petition for three years ago? Which cracked over 43,000 signatures? The constitution that inspired the Hashtag #Hvar? (Where?) as well as a giant mural that was erased and then painted again? That new constitution? Golly, wouldn’t I like to know.

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