From Iceland — Perfect Day: Summertime With Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir

Perfect Day: Summertime With Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir

Published May 29, 2020

Perfect Day: Summertime With Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Artist Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir has probably taken photos of every interesting person in the city. Check out her work at @berglaug on Instagram and read on to learn how she’d spend the perfect day in Reykjavík..

First thing in the morning

I wake up early-ish. It’s Friday and I start my day with some lazy breakfast on the balcony. The weather is good—it’s sunny outside so I can eat and work on my nonexistent tan. I like spending time alone in the mornings. I’m grumpy, so I definitely can’t meet any friends before lunch! But I get ready while listening to a good podcast or music.


On a perfect day, I’d definitely have some cool shoot planned in the morning. Maybe it’s with Vigdís Finnbogadóttir—I’ve always wanted to photograph her! We’re somewhere amazing, maybe her house, and it goes amazingly and we become great friends. Afterwards, hmm, who else would I photograph? Maybe Birgitta Haukdal. I used to fangirl over her when I was a kid so taking pictures of her would be good for my 12-year-old soul.

Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir

Photo by Art Bicnick


After the shoot, I call my friends. The weather is still perfect, so we stop at Vínbúðin, get a few beers and head over to Klambratún or Austurvöllur to sit and chat in the sun. Later, we walk to a basketball court and play for a while.


We’d definitely be hungry at this point so it’s time for a late lunch or early dinner. Right now, I love the baked camembert at Bastard Brew & Food, so we’d go there and order five. Obviously, I’d pay for all my friends.

Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir

Photo by Art Bicnick


Then we’d head over to Gallery Port or Listasafn Reykjavíkur for some art show. Afterwards, we sit outside, relax, and chat with old friends and make new ones.

There’s a concert at Prikið that night, so we head there from the gallery. I don’t care who’s playing, but I have my camera and get some good shots of it. After the show, we dance until they take the trash out—which is us as well.

It’s summer so when the bars close, the sun is still shining and we head out to find a cool spot—a roof or something—to hang out on. We know some secret ones! Then we talk until we are tired enough to go home to sleep. Is that the perfect day?

Berglaug Petra Garðarsdóttir

Photo by Art Bicnick

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