From Iceland — War Of The Nerds: The Shawarma Struggle

War Of The Nerds: The Shawarma Struggle

So your girlfriend just left you, your friends found cooler ones, you have a Rudolph sized pimple on your nose, your ulcer is acting up, and your parents have made it pretty clear that you’re a massive embarrassment in comparison to your brother, the doctor, who lives in Seltjarnarnes with his fitness model wife. More importantly though, you’re drunk, and desperate to fill up that hole in your soul with some food. Good food. Kebabs. Falafel. What do you do?

The kebab quandary

 “The truth is that divorces have been based on less than the choice between the two late night joints.” 

Well, you have two choices: Mandi and Ali Baba, which are conveniently located next door to each other. I know what you’re thinking—shouldn’t there be a clear winner? How could this choice be so contentious? What is this, ‘Game Of Thrones’?

The truth is that divorces have been based on less than the choice between the two late night joints. Some argue that you can’t get tastier vegan falafel than at Mandi, while others say that Ali Baba’s chicken shawarma is better than sex. We at the Grapevine decline to comment on this, as even the mention of which was better caused a fierce debate at the office that ended in an HR report and tears.

The falafel feud

But how do the two restaurants feel about each other? The answer is shrouded in mystery. While many rumours surround their relationship, we at the Grapevine like to imagine it is a Montague/Capulet situation and while the owners’ families hate each other, one day, two of their children will fall into forbidden love and mend the rift.

In this story though, we of course hope the two lovebirds ditch the suicide pact and instead have some kids, move to Garðabær, start doing CrossFit, and open the mother of all Arabic food joints. Please invite us to the wedding.

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