From Iceland — Icelandic Facebook Groups: Kommóða Kalígarís

Icelandic Facebook Groups: Kommóða Kalígarís

Published October 5, 2017

Icelandic Facebook Groups: Kommóða Kalígarís
Jenna Mohammed

Icelanders don’t shy away from horror movies and the Facebook group Kommóða Kalígarís contains everything to fulfill anyone’s horror needs, with a little extra as well—from reviews to memes, this site has you covered. For example, you can find useful links to online articles you never knew existed—like Huffington Post’s piece, ‘People Think Pennywise The Clown and The Babadook Are A Couple.”

For an Icelandic Facebook group, the following for Kommóða Kalígarís is pretty small, with only 1,900 members. The majority of content is in English so non-Icelandic speakers won’t have any issue deciphering what the hell is going on. However, the comments are usually in Icelandic, though it may be for the best, as comment sections tend to get messy. For example, you’ll see people debating whether or not anyone should support Jeepers Creepers 3, because the director is literally a creeper.

It’s a pretty interesting group, if you’re into all things horror. Admittedly however, scrolling through the feed can get a little tiresome. You’ll see the extremely unpleasant face of Pennywise so many times he begins to lose his scare factor. But even though the group can be a little repetitive, it is still always up to date and active.

If you’re open about your love for horror, gore and all things eerie, this group is definitely worth checking out; you may even discover up-and-coming subgroups like Bókaskápur Kalígarís, which is dedicated solely to horror literature.

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