From Iceland — 30 Things That You Should Do While Visiting Iceland

30 Things That You Should Do While Visiting Iceland

Published December 17, 2013

30 Things That You Should Do While Visiting Iceland

Journalism students from Eichstätt, Germany, Tim Scholz (22) and Gerrit Kubicki (20) spent a semester studying at the University of Iceland. At the end of their stay, they came up thirty things that every visitor to Iceland should definitely do—at least from their perspective. Without further ado:

1.    Go shopping while your car engine is running

2.    Throw a Mentos in a geyser and see how it erupts

3.    Search for Icelandic celebrities in the Icelandic phone book and call them

4.    Sleep on a heated pedestrian sidewalk

5.    Speak to every Icelandic girl with the name Björk about her famous namesake

6.    Meet the Icelandic president in a hot pot

7.    Bomb down gravel roads with a rented car

8.    Honk at Icelandic sheep that are blocking the gravel road

9.    Withdraw a five-figure amount of money

10.    Fondle an Icelandic Viking beard

11.    Breathe only through your mouth while taking a sulphur shower

12.    Injure your neck while staring amorously at northern lights

13.    Pronounce the letter Þ without spitting at someone

14.    Go into rhapsodies about lovely Icelandic nature while talking to Icelanders

15.    Sing the Icelandic national anthem during a soccer match in the national stadium

16.    Eat dried fish at the cinema

17.    Recognise that only native Icelanders can pronounce the words in their language

18.    Ask any Icelander with the last name Stefánsdóttir what her father’s first name is

19.    Survive the winter without becoming depressed

20.    Search for the elf penis in the phallus museum

21.    Greet the Reykjavík mayor with “may the force be with you”

22.    Wear leggings with disturbing patterns

23.     Be annoyed when you run into other tourists, as you have assumed that you would be the only one visiting Iceland

24.    Heat your food over a hot spring

25.    Hook up with an Icelander after only exchanging three words

26.    Realise that you are in a relationship after you have spent two nights with the same Icelander

27.    Go crazy with beatniks, snobs and pensioners at Kaffibarinn

28.    Don’t squint up your face while eating rotten shark

29.    Confuse Yoko Ono’s Peace Tower with the Bat-Signal

30.    Eat a whole tub of Skyr (500 g) and feel like Popeye afterwards

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