From Iceland — Questions For The Left-Green Party

Questions For The Left-Green Party

Published May 21, 2010

Questions For The Left-Green Party

Why should people vote VG? What sets you apart from any other party? I don’t just mean in the sense of ideas or attitudes – what specific things would you do, that no other party would do?
To what do you attribute the current poll numbers, with regards to VG?
Many believe, as Progressive MP Eygló Harðardóttir pointed out, that VG is responding to the Magma Energy buy out late in the game. How exactly did VG fight the initial sale of share of HS Orka, and what did the party do after the sale was approved?
When VG was in the ruling majority, what happened to some of the party proposals, such as a better mass transit system, a better recycling program, and more affordable kindergartens?
With the right-left-right swing between majorities in city hall in the recent past, do you believe people have good reason to be wary of “The Big Four”?

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