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Jófríður Unveils ‘Anew’

Jófríður Unveils ‘Anew’

Published December 16, 2015

As you might have noticed from our recent interview, the young Samaris, Pascal Pinon and Gangly singer Jófríður Ákadóttir has been busily preparing a solo record over the last year.

We got another glimpse of this intriguing work-in-progress today, via a live session recorded in Porto earlier this year. It’s a track called ‘Anew’, recorded with beautiful natural reverb.

Jófríður has been playing out her new song cycle in various live incarnations lately. One show, an Airwaves off-venue at Hotel Alda, yielded this recording of a memorable song called ‘White Sun’.

“You’ll hear when the record comes that the lyrics have a story,” says Jófríður. “I get inspiration from the weather, the time of year, where I am in the circle of the year. And it’s been a year since I started writing it… it’s like completing a circle.”

Read the full interview here.

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