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Track of the Issue!

Track of the Issue!

Published September 9, 2011

RX Beckett

1…2…3… and RAWK! HAM are BACK! And they are as powered up and fist driving as they were when they released their last album – IN 19-FUCKING-89!!! In celebration of the release of their much, much, much overdue second album, we are frothing at the mouth to give you all this neck-breaking new track. The title means “Dead Whore” but don’t let that fuck you up. It’s really just their self-assessment. What is important is that these guys can still write some incredibly good, super-hard and tremendously fun rock-metal. The simple and slow two-chord hook line is so stripped down, leaving nothing to the imagination, exposing all the gritty, dark bowels of their bass and singer Sigurjón’s booming bellow. It’s nostalgia for many and new to others, but bottom line, it’s fucking good.

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