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Grapevine Events: Winter Lights Festival, Exhibitions And Gigs

Published February 2, 2023

Grapevine Events: Winter Lights Festival, Exhibitions And Gigs
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Art Bicnick

Well, the absolute worst winter month is officially upon us. We are in you, February, and it is awful. If you’re feeling inclined to stay home this weekend, we don’t blame you. But for those who do venture out, there’s plenty to do around town. Read on for our picks to keep you entertained this weekend, and then plan your entire month with the help of the new issue of the Reykjavík Grapevine — hot off the presses Feb. 3 — or on our events website.

Winter Lights Festival 2023
February 2nd to 4th – Multiple venues at multiple times – Free

Let’s admit it, Reykjavík in February isn’t the nicest place to be. We are past solstice, but it’s still a long way to go until the midnight sun comes around to let us party (and be outside, frankly) for more than an hour. The winter storms are here, and occasionally you’ll hear stories of people (and in some cases, cars) being blown away by the wind. The Winter Lights Festival is one reason to embrace the darkness, with beautiful light installations, long museum hours and a pool night. IZ

Tracing Fragments
February 3 to May 21 – Gerðasafn – 1.000 ISK

It’s no small task trying to make sense of oneself, one’s personhood, one’s culture, out of a tangled web of generational and cultural trauma. Through physical acts of art, the six artists in this exhibition grapple with the complexities of heritage and identity and achieve a deeply intimate catharsis. Confronting histories of slavery, colonialism, racism, religious persecution, queerness and more with both tenderness and criticism, this show is one to enter into with a heart ready to be filled with grief, love, beauty, sorrow and power. RX

Premieres February 3rd – Borgarleikhúsið – 4,900 ISK

For worse or for better, everything is cyclical. This new show by Þyri Huld Árnadottir, presented by the Iceland Dance Company, delves into the cycle through which we all come into life — conception, gestation, birth — and the need to love and nurture our bodies both without and within. Combining art, music and dance into a single entity, the show is dedicated to honouring bodies that create and birth other bodies. RX

Opens February 4th – Nordic House – Free

How did I get to the bomb shelter is a multidisciplinary group exhibition featuring seven contemporary Ukrainian artists. Curated by Yulia Sapiha and produced by The Nordic House, the exhibition explores themes related to the artists’ personal experience of the war, their longing for a peaceful life, their paths towards survival and their hope for the future RX

Myrkvi, Hayfitz & Ragnar Ólafsson
February 4th – KEX – 20:00 – Free

Join us for a sensational musical extravaganza at the Kex hostel. The night promises to be a feast of musical talent, with three outstanding artists gracing the stage: Myrkvi, a charming Icelandic duo with their unique blend of indie and folk music, Hayfitz, a purveyor of gentle folk music, who creates songs that are both delicate and profound, and talented musician and composer Ragnar Ólafsson. The best part? Admission is completely free! IZ

Rebecca Goldberg’s Techno
February 4th – Húrra – 22:00 – Tickets at the door

Saturday promises a night of electrifying techno music at Húrra, care of Detroit-based artist Rebecca Goldberg. During the Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival, Goldberg will be joined by local talents R/S/NN, ThizOne and DJ Día to create a one-of-a-kind musical experience. The lighting for the event will be provided by none other than renowned lighting designer Jason Hajec, who has worked with the likes of Carl Craig and John Acquaviva.

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