From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: Ásgeir, Júlí Heiðar, Birgir Hákon, & Andervel

Grapevine New Music Picks: Ásgeir, Júlí Heiðar, Birgir Hákon, & Andervel

Grapevine New Music Picks: Ásgeir, Júlí Heiðar, Birgir Hákon, & Andervel

Published July 15, 2022

Photo by
Anna Maggý

What a variety we are bringing to you this week! One of Iceland’s household names is back, there’s an upbeat R&B song, some classic Icelandic rap, and a more emotional, vulnerable moment. Something for whatever mood you’re currently in, basically. Grab those headphones!

All these tracks—and so many more brought to you by The Grapevine over the past twelve months—are available in our New Music Picks 2021-22 playlist.

Júlí Heiðar – “Alltaf þú”

“Alltaf þú” is pure, undiluted, saccharine, unambiguous pop. Remember the 00’s when Jason Mraz ruled the airwaves and everything just felt a tiny bit more simple and innocent? I’m sure it actually wasn’t, but FM radio, flip phones and writing your crush’s name on your school books was such a vibe. With this new track, Júlí Heiðar transports us right back to that time as he sings heartfelt lyrics about his fiancée and their relationship. Aww. We love love. JG

Ásgeir – “Snowblind”

“Snowblind” is Ásgeir’s first single from his new album ‘Time On My Hands’ that will be out on October 28th. While it’s Ásgeir as you know him, the added synths and electronic vibes are definitely refreshing. You’d think the lyrics speak for themselves until you watch the video. While we’re still trying to make sense of it, there’s no denying it’s a great production, adding to the ominous feeling the chorus gives you. Is it inspired by Stranger Things? Noah? The Walking Dead minus the zombies? We don’t know but we’re here for it. KW

Birgir Hákon (feat. Herra Hnetusmjör) – “Sjáðu Mig Nú”

Icelandic hip hop seems to have found an agreed-upon sound, for the time being: autotune vocals, big high-hat levels, and simple hooks. While trap doesn’t have quite the dominance in the rest of the world that it used to, it’s still the de rigeur sound in the scene here in Iceland, and it takes a lot to stand out. This track manages to distinguish itself in that its hooks are derived from piano and Hammond organ, giving an organic feel to a genre that is saturating the market in this country. Not too shabby to be honest. ASF

Andervel – “SIDBML”

Reykjavík-based songwriter and composer Andervel has just released a new single—”SIDMBL.” This naive and honest melancholic folk-pop release will be a great listen in your headphones while aimlessly walking down the streets of Reykjavík on this gloomy day. If you want to hear more, check out the free gig Andervel is playing at the Nordic House this Sunday. Oh, and the cover art deserves special mention! IZ

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