Happening In Reykjavík: Weird Kids Run Amok, Bára's Party, Dream Island

Happening In Reykjavík: Weird Kids Run Amok, Bára’s Party, Dream Island

Happening In Reykjavík: Weird Kids Run Amok, Bára’s Party, Dream Island

Published June 4, 2019

Photo by
Art Bicnick & Julie Rowland

As the sun continues to grace our pale, disbelieving faces, there are plenty of events going on to make the most of the light nights and weirdly seasonable weather. Here are our picks of the best things happening in Reykjavík this week.

June 4th, Gaukurinn / Facebook event
What to do when the legal system lets you down, and demands that you delete a controversial recording of MPs revealing themselves to be bigoted, sexist pigs? Throw a party, of course. Go to Gaukurinn tonight to see whistle-blower extraordinaire Bára delete the phone recording that led to the international scandal known as “Klausturfökk,” complete with open mic performances and cabaret.


Weird Kids Night 7 Ft. IDK/IDA, Post Performance Blues Band, Zaar
June 6th, MENGI / Facebook event
The Weird Kids collective is a group of Icelandic and immigrant musicians and artists with a creative, experimental and downright supercool vibe and aesthetic. Their nights are always worth attending, even if you’ve never heard of the people playing; this edition, however, is a blockbuster, featuring the futuristic, strikingly brilliant electronic music of IDK/IDA, the frenzied performance pop of The PPBB, and Zaar, whose Airwaves 2018 performances have already entered local legend.

Dream Island Book Launch
June 8th, Studio Sol / Facebook event
“Welcome to Dream Island,” says the text for this book launch. “It can be anything you want it to be.” I, myself, would like it to be a place with sun loungers by the pool, the new Cate Le Bon album playing on a loop, and table-service mojitos. Instinct says the event might be more like some artistic people with interesting fashion choices standing around drinking wine. But that sounds fine too. And the book itself—a group effort, on the themes of belonging and alienation—sounds fascinating.

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