From Iceland — Cocktails, Coffee And The Perfect Concert: Hildur's Perfect Day

Cocktails, Coffee And The Perfect Concert: Hildur’s Perfect Day

Published May 29, 2019

Cocktails, Coffee And The Perfect Concert: Hildur’s Perfect Day
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir, also known as Hildur, is Reykjavík’s resident pop powerhouse. Here’s her perfect day in the city.

First thing in the morning
I’d start it by taking my dog out for a walk. I live close to Hallgrímskirkja, so we’d walk around the Einar Jónsson Museum garden. Because the weather is perfect on this day, we’d continue on to the Reykjavík Roasters in Ásmundarsalur. There, we’d sit outside and I’d have a cup of coffee to start the day. After that, I’d take her to another coffee shop—I love coffee, if that’s not obvious—Reykjavík Roasters on Brautarholt. They have a great breakfast—toast with avocado, tuna salad, greek yogurt, and more.


Around lunchtime
For lunch, it’s my favourite food market, Hlemmur Mathöll. If I was in the mood for fancy I would go to SKÁL!. They have a great brunch, a great lunch, and cocktails. If I was in the mood for an Asian twist, though, I’d head across the street to Mai Thai. Inside, they have an Asian supermarket and I love going there and buying a bunch of weird noodles.

In the afternoon
After that, I’d head to some vintage shops. My favourite is Fatamarkaðurinn. It’s a gem. I have gotten so many stage outfits there and it’s so easy to get lost and spend an hour trying stuff on. I’d maybe check out Húrra Reykjavík as well. Then it’s time for Vesturbæjarlaug, my favourite swimming pool. Fun fact, I used to work there. But I go a few times a week and here’s a secret: Use the outside dressing area. It’s so fresh to dress outdoors. But I’d hit the indoor sauna, outdoor steambath, and cold tub. I’d stay there for two hours because there’d be sun on my perfect day and I could tan.


For dinner
First, happy hour at Veður—they have good cocktails that are a great value. Afterwards, I’d probably go have a really nice dinner at Sumac or Matbar. I’m such a foodie, so it’s hard for me to pick a few places. I think the main problem with life is that we don’t have enough time to eat!

In the heat of the night
On my perfect day, there’d be an amazing show, Kiasmos maybe, at Húrra or Gamla Bíó. After that, I’d end up at Kaffibarinn or Prikið, dancing and chilling. My perfect night always ends with food, though, so I’m thinking Mandi, that’s a classic. Then I would walk home and because it would be summer, it would be really bright. It’s nice to take a slow walk home and appreciate Reykjavík’s long nights.

Check out Hildur‘s newest song ‘1993’ below:

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