From Iceland — Iceland Is Like A Box Of Boxes Of Chocolates... And Here Are The Ones To Buy

Iceland Is Like A Box Of Boxes Of Chocolates… And Here Are The Ones To Buy

Published July 24, 2018

Iceland Is Like A Box Of Boxes Of Chocolates… And Here Are The Ones To Buy
Noemi Ehrat
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Timothée Lambrecq

If you ever want to surprise someone with a special box of chocolates, or if you’re simply craving some fancy chocolatey bites (due to heartbreak, boredom, pregnancy, or being Swiss), you might have been rather unsuccessful in finding the good stuff in Reykjavík. While Icelandic chocolate has gotten more famous in past years, partially due the amazing work of the Omnom brand, Icelandic confections—that is, the type of chocolates you find in a box tied with a ribbon—haven’t yet reached the international spotlight. So we took it upon ourselves to find the best fancy “nammi” (“sweets,” in Icelandic) in town.

Hafliði Ragnarsson Konfekt
Háaleitisbraut 58-60
These chocolates fulfil all of your confectionary dreams. First of all, they come in an elegant black box with a golden interior, complete with a sophisticated bow and all. The real magic happens once you open the box and get to the chocolates, though—the selection of chocolates is wonderfully varied, and the chocolate has just the right amount of sweetness, without being overpowering. You can tell a true connoisseur is behind these heavenly creations. Also, there’s no chance in overeating, as the smallest box costs quite a bit. But it’s definitely worth it.

Sandholt Bakarí
Laugavegur 36
The Sandholt Bakery is known for sourdough breads and pastries, but they have a superior selection of chocolates, too. When you drop by, you can either buy a selection box, or you can pick and choose individual bonbons. The chocolatiers make them all from scratch, from French Valrhona chocolate. “We’re very free in what creations we make,” says Vigdís, who’s part of the team. You can tell from their creative selection that they’re having fun coming up with new ideas. Bonus: they’re affordable—so there’s no excuse not to try a few.

Stefan B. Chocolatier
Laugavegur 72
Stefan B. is a self-taught confectioner taking the world of Icelandic chocolate by storm. His chocolate originates in Colombia, and the bonbons are all handmade. “I try to focus more on dark chocolate,” says Stefan, “because I felt that this was something that was missing in Iceland.” If you decide to visit the store, you’re likely to encounter the mastermind himself—make sure to ask him about how a horse and a puffin led him to start making chocolate.

Nóa Konfekt
Widely available
Nóa Konfekt is the chocolates branch of the mainstream confectionary brand Nói Sirius. Their assorted chocolates include some specific Icelandic tastes, such as salted caramel, alongside more traditional recipes like nougat crunch. Nóa Konfekt’s selections are a Christmas-season staple in Iceland, but they’re also perfect year-round for those on a budget, or for tourists who want to take home a box of chocolates with the northern lights on them to brag about their holiday later.

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