From Iceland — Welcome To Geekjavík: Where To Release Your Inner Nerd

Welcome To Geekjavík: Where To Release Your Inner Nerd

Published October 3, 2018

Welcome To Geekjavík: Where To Release Your Inner Nerd
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Art Bicnick
Sunna Dröfn Sigfúsdóttir
Thorlakur Ludviksson

Being into something is hip and being passionate about something is attractive—so being geeky is the new showing no emotions and having a ‘resting bitch face’. If you thought that Reykjavík only has bars and souvenir shops, well, get ready to be blown away by these new possibilities. Here are some must-visit for those looking to free their inner geek.

Nóatún 17
Nexus is one of those places where either time stands still or passes incredibly fast. So when you finally finish looking through all the books, comics, board games and Funko Pops the sun might’ve set, a new year may have begun, or your child could have mysteriously grown up. It doesn’t really matter which fandom you’re into, Nexus will most definitely have something for you. But not only can you satisfy your inner shopaholic, you can also attend one of the gatherings in their ‘Spilasalur’ and dive into ‘Magic’ and X-wing or just go to a casual game night on Wednesdays. Dig out those Yu-Gi-Oh and Pókemon cards that you loved so much when you were younger (or still love) and off you go!

Ground Zero
Grensásvegur 16
If video games hold a special place in your heart, Ground Zero is the spot for you. Just for a few hours—come on, your significant other will forgive you. It feels like a trip down memory lane, at least for all the gamers that usually merge with their couch while playing ‘Rocket League’ or ‘Call of Duty.’ They’re open every day of the week and you don’t even need to get up early; their opening hours are just perfect (11.00/12.00 to 01.00).

Suðurlandsbraut 48
Here’s another one of those FLGS—“friendly local game stores.” Spilavinir is a great place for family quality time. But don’t get me wrong—it’s not one of those places where kids rule the world (no offence). Every Thursday evening, you can enjoy a nice date night with a casual or heavier board game. Or what about just meeting your friends to play that party game you’ve always wanted to try. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Geisladiskabúð Valda
Laugavegur 64
Do you like finding gems? Sure, you do. I mean who doesn’t. If you go crazy just seeing stacks and stacks of DVDs, video games and music, well Geisladiskabúð Valda is your personal heaven. Let’s face it, bargain hunting is always fun! The shop is open every day (except Sunday) between 12.00 and 17.30. And psst… Reykjavik Chips is right across the street!

Stofan Kaffihús
After being geeky all day, take a break at Stofan Kaffihús, order a coffee and a bite to eat and unwind… with a board game, or not, no pressure. They have the yummiest cake for your sweet tooth and sandwiches and wine to prepare you for a game at one of their Boardgamondays. But please don’t be too competitive, that wouldn’t be fun for anyone.

Reykjavik Ragnarök
Gym of the University of Iceland
Here’s something for all the Potterheads out there who always wanted to catch that Golden Snitch. Quidditch isn’t just a fantasy any more—you can go and play it. So grab your grandmas broomstick and jump right on. Reykjavík Ragnarök is always happy to welcome new players to their practices, every Saturday from 13.30-15.00. There’s no better way to be active and geeky at the same time.

Lebowski Bar
Laugavegur 20a
So, to end the day (or start the day if you’re a night owl), have dinner and some drinks at Lebowski Bar. They’re located downtown, so probably in perfect walking distance from your hotel or Airbnb. The atmosphere is just the one you expect from a place where The Dude would hang out with Walter and Donny. Every Thursday at 21.00 you can kick ass in their movie quiz. Cause geeks know it best, right?

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