From Iceland — Selma Reynisdóttir's Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Selma Reynisdóttir’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Published May 1, 2018

Selma Reynisdóttir’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík
Photo by
Timóthee Lambrecq

Selma Reynisdóttir is a dancer and a member of the REAL Dance Collective. Here’s how she’d spend her perfect day in Reykjavík.

First thing
I have the best roomie in the history of roomies (the award-winning Kristlín Dís Ólafsdóttir). So the first thing I do in the morning is to sneakily wake her up by vacuuming or “accidentally” drop a heavy thing on the kitchen floor. After my success, she will wake up and we plan what to have for brunch. We will get to the usual conclusion; pancakes with avocados, greek yogurt, banana and syrup. We then discover we are out of milk, so we walk to Melabúðin to buy milk and other things that tempt us while we are at it. While heading to Melabúðin we will discuss our latest discoveries in life, or enjoy the walk in silence.

Since Vesturbæjarlaug is almost in my backyard, I will go for a refreshing swim. That tan doesn’t tan itself!

Afterwards, I will go for a studio practice at Tunglið, the Icelandic Academy of the Arts studio by Austurstræti. It’s bright and beautiful, with a view over the town. In the studio, I will do some jumping around to get rid of all that extra energy. Afterwards, I make myself a cup of strong coffee. Then I dramatically drink my coffee while looking out of the window in an empty studio.

After this, I will be hungry, so I will take a walk to Coocoo’s Nest at Grandi. This area is not in my daily routine, so I always feel I’m spicing things up when I go there. I love to walk along the harbour and breathe in the salty, air and look at the boats floating peacefully by the harbour. Since this is my perfect day, I am going to execute a secret plan of mine, a plan that has not been executed yet. I am hoping that by telling you all about my secret plan, it will soon exist in reality. I will gather a few of my friends and we order a takeaway pizza at Coocoo’s, and eat it while fishing by the harbour. The sun is out, and we all sing a cute song while looking fabulous.

The Heat of the Night
When our patience is out or we find ourselves crying over an abrupt ending to a sea creature’s life, it is time to change location. I will probably head and see something great at Mengi or Iðnó. Since this is my perfect day in town, I am hoping that The Post Performance Blues Band are on, doing something epic as usual. Later that night you will see me stepping my last dance at Húrra, Kaffibarinn or Bar Ananas. If not, I will be talking about life in the smoking area at one of these places. 

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