From Iceland — Perfect Day: Squats, Death Drops, Gains & Glamour With Deff Starr

Perfect Day: Squats, Death Drops, Gains & Glamour With Deff Starr

Published May 16, 2018

Perfect Day: Squats, Death Drops, Gains & Glamour With Deff Starr
Photo by
Tony Sandoval, Hörður Sveinsson & Tim Lambrecq

Neville J. Ingley is better known as Deff Starr, one of the most prolific queens of Reykjavík’s thriving drag scene. Here’s how he’d spend a perfect day in Reykjavík.

For breakfast
I usually start my morning with a cigarette and sitting on the porch in my underwear and fur generally confusing the tourists who expect to see a view of Mount Esja. Shortly after its time for a 30-minute lip sync battle vs the cat… she sashays away. There’s nothing like a morning dance-off to get you set for the rest of the day. For breakfast, I take a big bowl of oatmeal at KEX hostel with some dried fruits and skyr.

In the mid-morning
I try to get to the gym as early as my body can. I’ll head to World Class and start off with some squats and then some upper body. I’m pretty much there every day I think it’s the most basic thing I do—the rest of my life involves creativity, so it’s nice to break away and do something very mechanical. I find it gets my blood pumping and gives me more energy for the remainder of the day. I’ll grab a yummy protein muffin on the way out because calories build booty.

For lunch
I usually cook all my meals but if I’m out and about I love to grab a post-workout calorific meal. I find the burgers at Prikið perfect, or if I need something healthier, Gló is another option. I´ll more than often take two lunches because I can never eat enough so I might have prepared myself something for later that afternoon.

In the afternoon
If I’m not in a show that evening I’ll probably spend my afternoon thrift shopping and scout the town for materials for my next drag looks. I find the chandeliers at the Good Shepherd work well as headpieces not to mention the great selection of second-hand jewellery. I simply adore rummaging through the Red Cross to find some gems. Apart from this, I might spend the afternoon preparing for shows, creating looks and creating drag mixes.

For dinner
For dinner I usually cook, my go-to is Asian or Mexican food. I’m a spice addict and it’s relatively healthy and easy to make. If I’m going out I might head to Noodle Station and get a big bowl of soup with extra noodles or head to the nearby Thai. I sometimes head toward KEX again for one of their fish dishes.

In the heat of the night
If I’m performing that night, I’ll probably have started getting into drag by now. A good three hours is perfect—I’ll wack on some pussy popping vogue mixes while I beat my face for the gods. If I’m not performing, I might join my good Judies (best friends) in Bravo to spill the T(talk shit) over a nice glass of red—the atmosphere there is super cosy—or head to Gaukurinn and kiki where we perform and support my fellow artists. If I’m feeling peckish on the way home, I might grab a falafel from everyone’s favorite after-hours place, Mandi.

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