From Iceland — Silja Glømmi's Perfect Day In Reykjavík: Brunch, Cats, Cooking, Vinyl

Silja Glømmi’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík: Brunch, Cats, Cooking, Vinyl

Published January 19, 2018

Silja Glømmi’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík: Brunch, Cats, Cooking, Vinyl
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Art Bicnick

Silja Glømmi is a DJ often found spinning atmospheric tunes at various top downtown bars. Here’s how she’d spend a perfect day in Reykjavík.

First thing in the morning
On my perfect day, I would wake up early so I would have a longer day. I like to sleep in, but I love early mornings when everything is still and quiet, and I’m the only one awake. My five-year-old daughter Indíana and I would eat Cocoa Puffs with ice-cold milk because on a perfect day, you can eat whatever you want. The two of us would have a cosy morning together watching Gúndi (Gumball) or playing Ludo.
Song: “Golden Lady” – Stevie Wonder

After breakfast, we would go to Sundhöllin and chill there for an hour or so. With the new outdoor pool, it’s become my favourite, and it’s close to our home.
Song: “Cold Morning Light” – Todd Rundgren

At lunch
Next, we’d stroll down to our local bakery, Brauð & Co., for a loaf of bread and the best apple juice in town. We’d then head home to make the perfect brunch, and invite friends and/or family over.
Song: “Friends” – Whodini

In the afternoon
After brunch, all of us would go to a cat show hosted by Kattaræktarfélag Íslands. My friends and I are all dedicated cat lovers, and the perfect way to spend an afternoon is to adore cats. Of course we would not judge them by their looksno need because all cats are purrrfect! After the show, we would go for a walk by the seaside, mingle with ravens and see a double rainbow. Then it’s happy hour so us grown-ups go for a beer at Loft hostel or Sky Bar to enjoy the view. We would play Scrabble, or even better: the bar would host a pub quiz about South Park, Fóstbræður (an Icelandic comedy show) or music. Of course, we would win. On my way home, I would stop at Reykjavík Record Shop and Lucky Records, and find some gems on vinyl.
Song: “Roygbiv” – Boards of Canada

For dinner
I’d invite friends over because I enjoy cooking. I’d buy the freshest fish I can get at Fylgifiskar where I work, and I would buy meat at Kjöt & Fiskur or Kjöthöllin. I would make the perfect fish dish, and mince the meat with my meat grinder to make the perfect beef tartare. We’d drink really good red wine, talk about everything and nothing, and listen to some good tunes.
Song: “Deeper Waters” – Recloose feat. Joe Dukie

In the heat of the night
After dinner, we would all go to Kex where there would be an outdoor concert on the porch. If we’re still in a dancing mood, we’d go to Kaffibarinn, Bar Ananas or Paloma and dance the night away.
Song: “Dancing The Night Away” – Baker Gurvitz Army

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