From Iceland — City Guide: How To Soup In Reykjavík

City Guide: How To Soup In Reykjavík

Published April 14, 2017

City Guide: How To Soup In Reykjavík
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Winter, as the white walkers and weathermen tell us, is here. But don’t worry—if you find yourself in a snowstorm, just go for some soup. Steaming, hot, delicious soup. We at Grapevine—we love soup. Here’s our guide. To soup.

Laundromat is a popular downtown spot that has a few standout menu items, and their fish soup is one of them. With a slightly spicy tomato base, it comes in a generously sized bowl, always piping hot, and served with dense, seed-packed rye bread and also a few slices of fresh fluffy white loaf. But the best thing is the seafood: plenty of scallops, huge chunks of flaky salmon, and countless prawns. Perfect comfort food.

Matarkjallarinn is one of Reykjavík’s high-end restaurants. It’s rated #2 on TripAdvisor and you’d be hard-pressed to find an item on the menu that isn’t tip-top. Their fisherman’s fish soup is a standout, worlds away from any other fish soup in Reykjavík. The oily broth is incredibly rich—so full-flavoured that that you might genuinely feel full only halfway through the bowl. In terms of the seafood, the haddock and scallops are butter soft. Go in for a light but filling lunch. At only 1990 ISK, you won’t regret it.

Gló is a health-food chain restaurant in Reykjavík, heavy on the vegetarian, vegan and raw food, and always good for a quick bite. Their soups change daily or weekly but are always tasty. These soups are light—not stews or overwhelming—but are often spiced with interesting ingredients that set them apart from your basic tomato or mushroom. You can get as many bowls as you want, which is great if you’re really hungry, and they’re also served with a few pieces of fresh grainy bread. Another plus? Unlimited hummus. Yummy.

Along with its cosy Icelandic grandmother décor, decadent cakes, tasty coffees and refreshing brews, Stofan serves up one mean-ass bowl of soup and bread for the sweet price of 1590 ISK. Their homemade-the-same-day soups change all the time. They’re often vegan and always super delicious. Whether it’s a light bite you’re going for or something to warm your bones from the Icelandic weather, their lovely broths and bisques will satisfy your tummy.

Sægreifinn is one of the oldest restaurants in Reykjavík that specialises in seafood. Some might say this classic spot isn’t the same since the titular Sea Baron passed away a few years ago, but his legacy is one of the tastiest lobster soups in town. The rich, buttery broth alone will awaken your tastebuds, and when those chunks of langoustine hit your tongue, forget about it. It’s a must-have for a visit to town, or just a pick-me-up when you’re feeling down.

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