From Iceland — Grapevine's Best Of 2017: Best Must-Try Dining Experience

Grapevine’s Best Of 2017: Best Must-Try Dining Experience

Published March 11, 2017

Grapevine’s Best Of 2017: Best Must-Try Dining Experience
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Nanna Dis

One of the most-asked questions by visitors to Iceland is: “Where do we eat?” It’s a tough question to answer, as Reykjavík has restaurants catering to many different palettes, and on top of that, it seems like they’re always rising and falling in popularity for one reason or another. But we try to stay on top of things where eating out is concerned. With the help of a panel of self-proclaimed experts, we’ve been able to piece together a guide that gives you a pretty good idea of what’s here in 2017. Use the guide, check out the Facebook page of restaurants and make reservations, if need be, for a true epicurean experience in Reykjavík. And if you have recommendations to the contrary, then drop us a line. We are listening. And we’re hungry.


DILL © Nanna Dís Dill
Hverfisgata 12
When Ruth Reichl makes it her go-to place to dine in Iceland, you better believe her. We probably had to make this category just for Dill. Without waxing poetic, we must confess, this is one meal you won’t forget in a hurry. With chef Gunnar running Agern in NY (and awarded a Michelin star!), Dill is now helmed by chef Ragnar, who continues to uphold the same exacting standards and thoughtful food that Dill is known for.

Runners Up

maturogdrykkur1_by_art_bicnick Matur og Drykkur
Grandagarður 2
In how many ways can we say, eat here? Is it the whole cod head you should get, or perhaps the double-smoked dried lamb, or the creamy halibut soup? Whatever you get, rest assured it’ll have roots in Icelandic culinary history, elevated to fine dining standards. And do not leave without trying the fried-to-order kleinur.
baejarins-beztu_by_alisa_kalyanova Bæjarins Beztu
By Tryggvagata
Here in Iceland, hot dogs use a unique lamb-pork sausage with smoky, grassy tones. It’s classically topped with mustard and ketchup, with onions raw and fried. Get a “pylsu með öllu” if you want to stick to tradition—Bill Clinton and Kim K are amongst the many who’ve braved the lines by the downtown Bæjarins Beztu stand.

Previous Winners

2016: Matur og Drykkur
2015: Shrimp pyramid at Jómfrúin
2014: Food section at Kolaportið
2013: Icelandic food at Kaffi Loki
2012: Icelandic Home-Style Food at Mamma Steina
2011: The svið at Fljótt og Gott, BSÍ

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