From Iceland — Grapevine's Best Of 2017: Best Place To Go With A Group Of Friends

Grapevine’s Best Of 2017: Best Place To Go With A Group Of Friends

Published March 13, 2017

Grapevine’s Best Of 2017: Best Place To Go With A Group Of Friends
Photo by
Art Bicnick

One of the most-asked questions by visitors to Iceland is: “Where do we eat?” It’s a tough question to answer, as Reykjavík has restaurants catering to many different palettes, and on top of that, it seems like they’re always rising and falling in popularity for one reason or another. But we try to stay on top of things where eating out is concerned. With the help of a panel of self-proclaimed experts, we’ve been able to piece together a guide that gives you a pretty good idea of what’s here in 2017. Use the guide, check out the Facebook page of restaurants and make reservations, if need be, for a true epicurean experience in Reykjavík. And if you have recommendations to the contrary, then drop us a line. We are listening. And we’re hungry.


Tapas Barinn by Art Bicnick Tapas barinn
Vesturgata 3b
Tapas barinn may not be faithful to the Spanish definition of a tapas bar, but what they do capture well—and boisterously at that—is the atmosphere and liveliness of tapas. It’s long been a local tradition to host reunions, bachelor parties and noisy get-togethers at Tapas barinn. The food is served family-style for the whole table, and the selection is huge, spanning local (langoustine, puffin, lamb) as well as more global fare. And it’s delicious. If you’re looking for a place where the food and drinks keep coming and the service never falters, look no further.

Runners Up

Bryggjan Brugghus by Art Bicnick Bryggjan Brugghús
Grandagarður 8
Icelanders love their beer, and in recent times we’ve been brewing some pretty damn good stuff, if we do say so ourselves. So when this spacious new microbrewery and eatery opened its doors, it quickly became a go-to for parties large and small. You can let your hair down without trampling the diner in the next seat.
maturogdrykkur1_by_art_bicnick Matur og Drykkur
Grandagarður 2
Hiking glaciers all day and want to swap travel stories with your travel buddies without having to scream over other boisterous diners? Then Matur og Drykkur is your best bet: great food, delicious cocktails and an atmosphere that makes for convivial conversations.

Previous Winners

2016: Tapas barinn
2015: Tapas barinn
2014: KEX
2013: KEX
2012: Tapas barinn

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