From Iceland — Grapevine's Best Of 2017: Best Goddamn Restaurants

Grapevine’s Best Of 2017: Best Goddamn Restaurants

Published March 7, 2017

Grapevine’s Best Of 2017: Best Goddamn Restaurants
Photo by
Art Bicnick

One of the most-asked questions by visitors to Iceland is: “Where do we eat?” It’s a tough question to answer, as Reykjavík has restaurants catering to many different palettes, and on top of that, it seems like they’re always rising and falling in popularity for one reason or another. But we try to stay on top of things where eating out is concerned. With the help of a panel of self-proclaimed experts, we’ve been able to piece together a guide that gives you a pretty good idea of what’s here in 2017. Use the guide, check out the Facebook page of restaurants and make reservations, if need be, for a true epicurean experience in Reykjavík. And if you have recommendations to the contrary, then drop us a line. We are listening. And we’re hungry.


maturogdrykkur1_by_art_bicnick Matur og Drykkur
Grandagarður 2
If you were in Reykjavík for just 24 hours, or you were entertaining out-of-town guests, then where would you go? This was the question posed to our panel and the answer overwhelmingly was Matur og Drykkur. In just two years, they’ve gone from newcomer to firm favourite with locals and visitors alike. The cod head is an Instagram sensation, of course, but we recommend trying one of the tasting menus, or going to town with the appetizers. Don’t be afraid to try suspicious-sounding dishes (sheep dung-smoked trout?)—you’re in very capable hands here.
snaps-alisa-kalyanova-0014 Snaps
Þórsgata 1
We love Snaps so much, we had to split this award. It’s a beloved casual-chic bistro with a forget-you’re-in-Reykjavík vibe thanks to its lush greenery and warm lighting. On a grey day, nothing beats sitting by the greenhouse walls with their excellent French onion soup. Did we mention they make a stellar creme brulee as well? A true keeper.

Runner Up

Messinn by Art Bicknick Newcomer: Messinn
Lækjargata 6b
Messinn may be modelled on the well-known Westfjords restaurant Tjoruhusið, but it’s fast becoming a Reykjavík restaurant of choice. What keeps us coming back is how the food keeps getting better every time we dine there. Our favourites include their savoury plokkfiskur, velvety graflax, and a perfectly seared trout with honey and almonds.

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