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Happening Tonight: TV Smith & Caterpillarmen

Happening Tonight: TV Smith & Caterpillarmen

Published June 12, 2015

Katie Steen
Photos by
Katharina Schmid

British punk veteran TV Smith,  former member of the Adverts (and more than a handful of other rock acts from all over the world), will be bringing his gravelly voice and critical lyrics to the Dillon stage. While TV Smith is known for shattering ears since ’76, it looks like his weapon of choice as of late is simply an acoustic guitar (and his signature guns, displayed via tank top). Reykjavík locals Caterpillarmen will also take the stage that night, and will deliver prog rock with a bite, like chompin’ down on a crunchy leaf.

Dillon at 22:00, Admission: 500 ISK.

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Also, watch Caterpillarmen play in a truck while a baby-faced member tells the camera about the prison of Reykjavík.

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