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Best Place For Aurora Spotting – Best Of Reykjavík 2019

Best Place For Aurora Spotting – Best Of Reykjavík 2019

Published March 26, 2019

So, you’ve shopped in the shops, drank the drinks, and eaten all the foods. And whilst those things are all super fun, culture and the outdoors are the missing pieces of the puzzle for a perfect trip. Whether it’s a gleaming museum or a grimy artist-run gallery, a springtime hike or a trip to try and glimpse the aurora, here are the best places to see northern lights in 2019.

Best Place For Aurora Spotting

Ægissíða to Grótta
Vesturbær to Seltjarnarnes

Ægissíða is literally the west coast of Reykjavík. Running along the sea, this walk is sheltered from traffic and light pollution and thus perfect for a peaceful and romantic walk of any duration. In winter, it becomes even more magical, being the best place for aurora spotting in Reykjavík. If you walk long enough, you’ll end up at Grótta at the tip of the Seltjarnarnes peninsula with its iconic lighthouse. “It’s one of my favourite places to be in general,” said one of the panellists. “Plus it has the best bonfires in town.”


Fossvogur and Öskjuhlíð
City Centre Area

This walk leads you along the creek that divides Reykjavík and Kópavogur. “Its right by the ocean,” says the panel. “Nobody ever goes there, it’s so peaceful.” Additional perks include a mystical graveyard and, if you walk a little further, Reykjavík’s only “city forest” up on the Perlan-topped hill of Öskjuhlíð. A wonderful spot for a great aurora borealis show.


Sculpture & Shore Walk
Laugardalur-Reykjavík 101

With its view on the ocean and mountains, it’s recommended for a long, contemplative walk. Leading from Laugardalur to Reykjavík’s famous concert hall “Harpa,” it is a nice and long walk right next to the ocean — and you will get to experience some of the diverse city landscape that Reykjavík has to offer.

Previous Winners

2018: Grótta
2016: Grótta
2015: Öskjuhlíð
2014: Grótta
2013: Grótta
2012: Grótta
2011: Grasagarðurinn

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