From Iceland — Best Of The Westfjords 2018: Must-See Spot

Best Of The Westfjords 2018: Must-See Spot

Published July 3, 2018

Best Of The Westfjords 2018: Must-See Spot

The Westfjords lie entirely outside of the Ring Road’s island-encompassing loop, making them one of the more remote corners of Iceland. The roads are carved into an endless sequence of vast flat-topped mountains punctuated by tiny towns in narrow fjords, often with great pools and hot pots. At the northern edge lies the wild nature reserve of Hornstrandir, only accessible by boat or on foot. To get away from the bustle of the tourist trail, the Westfjords are always a good bet.

Must-See Spot

Just off Route 60

Although the Westfjords are literally dripping with waterfalls, Dynjandi is the undisputed champion. As it cascades down over multiple levels, it fans out to create a giant pyramid (or wedding cake) of water. It can be seen from far off, but its immensity can only be understood when you stand right at the foot of it and look up. You can even camp and let its soothing rush sing you straight to sleep.


Route 612

The westernmost point of Iceland (and possibly Europe), Látrabjarg is also the puffinmost point of Iceland (and possibly Europe). The scenic cliffs are more packed than the liquor store at 17:59. But the puffins couldn’t care less about the crowds (or the paparazzi, as one panellist pointed out). They just nonchalantly puffin’ around their little avian metropolis for all to see.


Djúpavík Factory

This towering, crumbling herring factory was the largest concrete building in Iceland when it was built in 1935. It was abandoned by 1954 when the herring vanished; it has since been partially refurbished, and is now used as a museum and art gallery during summer. Many of Iceland’s best artists, both visual and musical, have graced its halls, including Sigur Rós on their Heima tour. You can hike the mountains for an aerial view.

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