Sympathy Protests For Reykjavík Nine Across Europe

Words by Paul Nikolov
Protests in front of Icelandic embassies across Europe have sprung up or will do so, all showing support for the group of protesters known as the Reykjavík Nine.

Saturday saw protesters arriving in front of the Icelandic embassy in Paris bearing a banner reading "Political persecutions in Iceland: Solidarity with the RVK9!". Protesters also distributed informational literature in French about the case to passers-by and attendees, including those entering and leaving the embassy.

Police arrived at the scene and, after entering the embassy briefly, came back out to ask the protesters for identification. More police arrived, and the crowd dispersed. At that time, they had been in front of the embassy for about an hour. Neither the ambassador nor a representative thereof came out to meet the protesters.

On Sunday, an awareness-raising concert for the Nine was held in Den Bosch, Holland. Protests have also been called upon for today in London, and in Berlin an informational meeting on the matter will be assembled tomorrow, although there have already been calls for protests near and after judgement in court has passed. There will also be a fundraising event for the Nine in Grenoble, France at the end of the month.


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