• Post-Leak Hangover

    Infamously, on November 20th, 2013, Fréttablaðið and published news based on confidential information collected within the Ministry of the Interior. November 21st, 2013, DV points this out, and asks: who leaked an internal Ministry document about an asylum seeker as it seemed intentionally to harm his reputation? A year of “not me”s ensued. Long

  • Hanna Birna May Avoid Parliamentary Hearing

    Recently resigned Minister of the Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir will likely not have to face a parliamentary hearing on the leaked memo scandal, due to her resignation, RÚV reports. Hanna Birna was due to appear in a live and publicly televised hearing to discuss her role in the leaked memo case, as well as answer to allegations

  • Migrant Butchers Working Seasonally In Iceland

    Every year, several dozen butchers commute from provincial New Zealand to rural Iceland – for just two months’ work, reports the BBC. As work commutes go, the journey takes some beating, roughly 22,300km (about 13,850 miles) each way. The roughly 30 butchers travel to Iceland for the lamb processing season, which begins each September. “My

  • Ice Cave Construction Underway

    A 500 metre long ice cave is currently being tunnelled into Iceland’s Langjökull glacier. So far the crew have dug the cave’s entrance, roughly 200 metres into the glacier and are experimenting with how to light the tunnel. Plans are to turn the cave into a tourist destination where visitors can learn about glacial formations

  • Head To Toe Arsenal Gear, Except At Funerals

    Hardcore Icelandic Arsenal fan, Sigfríð Ingólfsdóttir, only ever wears Arsenal gear or Arsenal themed clothing, reports Vikudagur, except when she has to attend funerals. Sigfríð, 62, began following English football 30 years ago and first started supporting Arsenal after thinking the name of the team was pretty neat. She has since become one of Arsenal’s

  • A Farewell To Arms

    The MP5 submachine guns Iceland received from Norway will be sent back, the Icelandic Coast Guard has announced. According to the announcement, posted today on the Coast Guard’s website, the conclusion of talks with the Norwegian army yesterday and today led to the decision to return the guns, which have been held by toll authorities

  • Minister Of The Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir To Resign

    Minister of the Interior, Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, is expected to announce that she is stepping down today and will not return to parliament until the New Year, according to RÚV. Hanna Birna has been under a lot of scrutiny following the leak of incriminating and falsified information about Nigerion asylum seeker Tony Omos. She has maintained her

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