• Cat Burglar Caught! Cats Reunited With Owner

    Metropolitan Police tracked down the pantless cat burglar who stole three Bengal cats last week, reports RÚV. The three stolen Bengal cats have been reunited with their owner, cat breeder Ólafur Sturla Njálsson, who has been using social media to petition for their return since they were taken from his home. The Metropolitan Police –

  • Google Handed Journalists’ Private Emails To The FBI

    As recently disclosed and widely reported, journalist and Wikileaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson is one of the three staff members at Wikileaks, whose email communication Google handed over to the US’ FBI in March 2012, without informing those targeted until Christmas Eve 2014. The search warrant was issued by a federal judge, at the request of

  • Happy Syriza, Greece!

    Syriza won! Meanwhile, in Iceland, nothing worth mentioning seems currently up for debates. If debates don’t exist, we have to invent them. Morgunblaðið and some other media seem to be seriously concerned about the existence of single parents, as a social hazard. I don’t believe anyone responsible for such writing is actually, him or herself,

  • Pantless Cat Burglar Still On The Prowl

    The pantless cat burglar who stole 3 Bengal cats from a cat breeder last week remains uncaught, reports RÚV. At first it was believed that 4 cats were stolen but one of the cats – a male by the name of Kiss Me – was found over the weekend. It seems that the frightened Kiss

  • Last McDonald’s Burger Sold In Iceland Unchanged After 6 Years

    The last cheeseburger sold in Iceland in 2009 remains unchanged after 6 years, reports The only notable difference seems to be that the meat patty is a slightly lighter colour than before. A year after the economic meltdown in Iceland, McDonald’s announced it would be closing up shop and on the last day it

  • Fact: Doctor Who Loves Icelandic Beer

    Former Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston, has expressed his love for Icelandic beer in an interview with Breaking News. Eccleston, who appears in the moody new crime drama Fortitude which was shot in Iceland, said the cast harvested their own fortitude during filming with the help of a stiff drink. “I was a naughty elf in

  • Storm Traps Over 200 People In Gas Station

    More than 200 people are stuck in Staðarskáli gas station in Northwest Iceland due to a large storm which closed Holtavörðuheiði road, reports Vísir. Around 80 people have been offered a place to sleep at the local school, Reykjaskóli, and some families have managed to get lodgings at a local hotel. Even so, more than

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