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    Geir Haarde Lands Washington D.C Ambassadorial Post

    Former Prime Minister of Iceland, Geir H. Haarde, has landed a pivotal ambassadorial post in Washington D.C, reports RÚV. Geir is most known for being prime minister during Iceland’s 2008 economic meltdown. In 2010, parliament voted in favour of Geir standing trial for negligence and mismanagement while in office. Geir was eventually found guilty of

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    Iceland Sends Men Only To UN Conference On Women

    Iceland, considered a global leader in gender equality, has announced it will send only men to a U.N. conference on women and gender equality, reports ABC. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson told the U.N. General Assembly of world leaders on Monday that the January “barbershop” conference will be unique, “as it will be

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    Tax Committee Chair: “No Choice” But For Government To Buy Tax Evasion Evidence

    The chairperson of parliament’s Tax and Economics Committee believes the Icelandic government should buy evidence of tax evasion, a sample of which has already been offered to authorities. RÚV reports that Frosti Sigurjónsson, a Progressive MP and the chairperson of the Tax and Economics Committee, believes the government should pay to receive only legal documentation

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    No Known Icelanders In ISIS

    The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police confirms there is no evidence that any Icelanders have joined forces with the theocratic extremist group ISIS. Vísir reports that they sent a formal inquiry to the police on the matter, and were informed that – to the best of anybody’s knowledge – no Icelandic citizens have joined

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    Murder In Breiðholt

    A 28-year-old man is in police custody, suspected of having strangled his wife. The suspect denies the charges against him. RÚV reports police were alerted to the scene shortly after midnight yesterday, at which time the victim had been dead for a few hours. It is also reported that the couple’s two children, aged two

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    Volcano Watch: Lava Field Bigger Than Lake Mývatn

    The lava field created by the Holuhraun eruption is now 44.5 square kilometres, reports RÚV. By comparison, Lake Mývatn is 37 km2. Seismic activity continues to be strong with as many as 60 earthquakes reported in the Bárðarbunga area on Saturday. The largest earthquake reported yesterday had a magnitude of 5.2 and the subsidence of

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    Prayed To Change Attitude To Abortion

    During a Christian conference in Iceland this weekend, attendees prayed for a change in the nation’s attitude to abortion, reports RÚV. The conference, called Kristsdagur (Christian Day) invited attendees to Harpa Concert Hall to “pray for unborn children and the coming generations,” as well as a “renewed sense of responsibility.” “Really this says that they’re

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    Bus Drivers Told They Will Be Fired For Complaining

    In a letter from Strætó management, bus drivers are told that complaining about a new on-board video camera policy will lead to termination. “Employees have the right to file a grievance [over the policy], but if they use it, it can lead to termination of employment,” reads part of a letter from Strætó management to

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    Parents Question School Dress Code

    Some parents in east Iceland believe a new school dress code was “poorly thought out” and shifts responsibility for sexual assault onto children. RÚV reports that the parents of students of a primary school in Neskaupsstaður recently received a letter from school officials regarding a new dress code for children attending a school dance. These

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    Woman Gives Birth Standing At Roadside

    One Reykjavík woman has ticked off all the badass boxes after giving birth to one of her twins standing up on the side of the road on route to the hospital, reports RÚV. Elín Kristjánsdóttir Linnet was 36 weeks gone with twins when she felt things kick off on Tuesday morning. Elín called father-to-be Hafsteinn

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    Sigur Rós Donate 5.000 USD To Get Pippa To Iceland

    Sigur Rós have donated $5.000 USD to a GoFundMe campaign started by a family in Kansas City who want to fulfil their child Pippa’s dream of visiting Iceland, reports DV. Seven year old Pippa suffered a stroke after birth which caused Cerebral Palsy and she also lives with LGS, a rare form of epilepsy that

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