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  • Hurðaskellir Releases Debut Album: Door Sounds

    The Seventh Yule Lad, Hurðaskellir (Door Slammer), will be launching his new experimental electro-punk album “Door Sounds” at Kex Hostel tonight. The album, co-produced by the energetic Ghostigital duo Einar Örn Benediktsson and Curver, features loops of doors slamming, hinges creaking, keys jingling and knobs turning over synths and a mix of dub and hip

  • The Reykjavík—Versailles Enigma

    On Wednesday, the Progressive Party’s Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi “Barbershop” Sveinsson met with France’ socialist Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius. According to the Icelandic Foreign Ministry’s press release, the two discussed relations between the countries in the fields of culture, business, tourism, developments in the Arctic, geothermal energy, defence matters and NATO, as well as recent

  • Video: Iceland’s Search And Rescue Deal With Snow Fallout

    The rough weather in Iceland this past week has kept the Icelandic Association of Search and Rescue extremely busy, reports Vísir. Yesterday Ársæll Search and Rescue Team filmed and posted a video of their efforts to dig out a car stuck in the snow. Post by Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg. As those who have left the house

  • Iceland Among Most Googled Rising Holiday Destinations

    Though it did not crack the Top 10 Holiday searches in Google’s “Year in Search” for 2014, Iceland is on Google’s list of “rising holidays” – destinations that have seen the biggest increase in searches this year. The Independent reports that the destination which has seen the biggest increase in searches in 2014 is Italy

  • Björn Ingi Hrafnsson Becomes Chair Of DV’s Board

    DV stockholders’ meeting, held this Wednesday, voted for Björn Ingi Hrafnsson as the Chair of DV’s board. This was reported by Kjarninn. Media under Björn Ingi’s control have, so far, been based on very different editorial policies than DV’s critical and investigative reporting. Björn Ingi’s plans for DV remain to be seen. Critical, investigative, irritating

  • Icelandic Cat Friends On Reddit Front Page

    The tale of pair of Icelandic cats who became best friends made it onto Reddit’s front page yesterday. The story of the lonely Lancelot who was befriended by the neighbour’s cat has warmed the hearts of internet surfers worldwide. “Lancelot likes to go outside, but is only allowed out on a lead, so he doesn’t

  • Ólafur Arnalds: “Customs Essentially Telling Us To Fake A Receipt”

    Musician Ólafur Arnalds has been unable to pick up a painting, gifted by a friend and sent to Iceland via mail, from the customs office , because an official receipt for the work does not exist, reports Vísir. As the painting was made by Ólafur’s friend as a gift to the young composer, it has

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