From Iceland — Sykur: Being Insane Is A Good Thing!

Sykur: Being Insane Is A Good Thing!

Published November 14, 2013

Sykur: Being Insane Is A Good Thing!

The lead singer of Sykur, Agnes Björt Andradóttir, is clearly mental. But in a good way.

Occasionally, you find a band that makes you believe that perhaps being insane is actually a good thing. Sykur is one of those bands.

As soon as the band came out on stage, the lead singer with her spiky statue-of-liberty-esque-crystalline headpiece, it was clear that this was going to be an interesting performance.


The lead singer of Sykur, Agnes Björt Andradóttir, is clearly mental. But in a good way. Her costume choice for this performance was a loose flowing matching shirt and trousers, which looks like they may have been a very comfortable set of pajamas in an alternate alien world. She also took off her shoes for the performance, and ran around the stage in her colorful socks.

The music is at times dancy and synth heavy, at times more punk, and at times even bordering on rap. Agnes is a performer through and through, and her enthusiasm is infectious. The entire audience had no trouble at all getting behind the band when Agnes insisted that we “bounce” with her, and dancing and jumping permeated the audience of happy festival-goers.

The band was really tight, and all appeared to be having a fantastic time. At one point in the performance, Agnes introduced the other three band members by giving them each a kiss on the cheek. You could absolutely tell this is a tight-knit group of musicians, and that they love their music.

Sykur is definitely a group to watch – not only for their fun and fabulous musical style, but also for their amazing live presence. If you have a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it. I guarantee you will leave thinking: “Wow, they were mental!” – but with a giant smile on your face.


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