From Iceland — Superjack Soul Sisters: Sisý Ey Interviewed

Superjack Soul Sisters: Sisý Ey Interviewed

Published September 30, 2012

Superjack Soul Sisters: Sisý Ey Interviewed

Iceland’s new house group are gonna make you feeeeeeeellll……

If IDM is the brain of electronic music, and techno is its muscle, then surely house music is its still beating heart. Sure, those continuous bass beat and funky lines may be machine made, but what makes it all the more warm and human is its use of live vocals and samples that give it that infusion of heat, sex and soul. It was all you can do not to dance!

It’s this background that Sisý Ey  are looking to make their mark. They may be barely a year old, but there’s an undeniable buzz about their music and live performances. Sisý Ey is short for Sisters Eyþórsdóttir as the group contains 3 sisters Elín, Elísabet, and Sigríður who are joined by close friend Carmen Johannsdottir. They all used to be acoustic based musicians, but since teaming up with local über producer Friðfinnur Oculus they’re looking to put the spirit and soul back into live house music. We got in touch with Sisý Ey to find out how what was going on in their lives, and to find out if they can truly feel the love…

When did the idea of Sisý Ey take hold? And why did you all decide on house music as the base for your musical ideas? Does house music in particular hold a certain love to the group?

Our project truly kicked off after we made our first demo of “Ain’t Got Nobody.” We loved it and it was obvious that we should continue with the group. Since then we have been working on some new songs. We didn’t exactly decide on house music it just happened… one of our songs has this disco vibe and we got the hot boy Unnsteinn from Retro Stefsson to sing it with us.

As the name denotes, there are three sisters in the group. What is the dynamic like within the group? What different aspects does everyone bring to the table?

The oldest sister is the sporty one, the one in the middle is into the royal family and the youngest one collects miniature clowns, Oculus is a day sleeper and Carmen is a cat lover so it ́s a very weird vibe going on. But everybody brings a lot to the band.

How has bringing producer Oculus in helped with the idea and sound of Sisý Ey? Has he found it interesting working with four strong willed women?

It has helped tremendously; Oculus really knows his stuff and brings a lot to the band. He loves to be surrounded with strong willed women who spoil him to death

What a lucky Git! You’ve produced you debut single “Ain’t Got Nobody,” and despite the great house beat, it certainly feels a downbeat, almost bleak song about being left alone. Is this single representative of the band as a whole, or will there be a range of themes explored?

We feel like there shouldn´t be any limitations when making music. So if we feel like disco there will be disco if we feel like techno we will make techno.

What are the current plans with Sisý Ey? Will we be likely to see more singles released on the Horizon, or are you solely concentrating on live performances?

Well haven’t really released any single yet. “Ain’t Got Nobody’ is more or less only played at clubs and private parties. There will be more singles, but right now the main focus is on the live performances itself. We’re bringing it back to basics!

You’re almost certain to be playing alongside several bands at the same time. Tell us WHY festival goers should decide to choose you amongst all others?

Because we all have awesome hair and we are going to make you DANCE!

For all Non-Icelandic festival goers, what Icelandic acts do people needs to look out for? Are there any hidden gems in the dirt that need to be discovered?

We recommend Oculus, Elín Ey (naturally), Hjálmar and Jimmi Tenor, Myrra Rós, Retro Stefson, Ásgeir Trausti, Legend, Gus Gus, Thizone, Ojba Rasta, Glutus Maximus, and Reykjavik Sound System. We also recommend that you check out the off venue stuff

What’s in your pockets right now?

Car keys and some change. Oculus has endless stuff to make music with in his pockets

Any last words that can describe Sisý Ey? Can you make any up?

We sing, dance and bang our heads all nights, drink a lot of energy drinks and record all our songs in a sauna.

Sisý Ey will be performing Friday 2nd November, 2230 at Faktorý Upstairs.

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