From Iceland — No(r)n More Black

No(r)n More Black

Published November 15, 2011

No(r)n More Black

So there are two Norn’s in Iceland. One is a Post-Punk band and one is a Black-Metal band. Maybe there are more worldwide; an underground Norn network, if you will. Maybe not. Norn means ‘witch’ in Icelandic by the way, so maybe it’s just a super cool name for a band of a darker nature then. Either way, it is probably going to get a little confusing at some point, but tonight’s show at Bar 11 was the Post-Punk Norn and they’re pretty rad.
All scatter-shot drumming, propulsive bass, at times properly anxious vocals and cutting guitar. The guitar is kind of odd actually, as it’s not really jangly like you’d normally expect from a Post-Punk band. Its tone is oddly more reminiscent of old Anarcho bands; trebly, distorted and chorused shards rather than trebly, clean jangles. That’s going off on a tangent a little bit, but either way Norn are pretty cool and they’re releasing a cassette tape soon. The release party is at Hitt Húsið this Thursday, November 17, so go check them out if this sounds like your thing!

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