From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: Spacestation, Laufey, Lúpína & More

Grapevine New Music Picks: Spacestation, Laufey, Lúpína & More

Published March 8, 2024

Grapevine New Music Picks: Spacestation, Laufey, Lúpína & More
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Axel Sig

And just like that it’s March. It’s difficult to imagine that just two months ago we were stuck in what seemed like endless darkness.  Contributing to that darkness was our shortage of Friday roundups, which took a necessary hit these last few months. Let’s rejoice today, for we bring you a collection of stellar collection of music, featuring some familiar names as well as ghosts from the past.

Spacestation — Fokking Lagið
Released March 1

Spacestation is the guy you didn’t invite to your suburban party, but they show up as a “friend of an acquaintance” and turn an otherwise dud into a total riot. Y’know, with people doing roof jumps into the pool and whatnot. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if “Fokking Lagið” would be synced to a coming-of-age film soon, because it gives Dazed and Confused vibes. While it’s nothing new, this ragged quartet’s guitar-heavy motif is a notable breath of fresh air. JB

Keli — Vangavísur
Released March 1

Hrafnkell Hugi, widely known as Keli from indie-pop band Celebs, embarks on his solo journey with his debut single “Vangavísur”. A peek into his upcoming album Ást og Keli, “Vangavísur” is kilometres away from Keli’s usual stint in the glitter-heavy Celebs. Here the musician showcases his troubadour tendencies in a sensitive country rendition. The first seconds give off a Neil Young — if he were born in the Westfjords. JB

Lúpína — lúpína’s sad club
Released March 1

An artist on the rise and the winner of the 2024 Reykjavík Grapevine’s Music Award for Best Song [“Ástarbréf”], lúpína continues to capitalise on her penchant for melancholy. The cover art of the tongue-in-cheek titled “lúpína’s sad club” depicts the artist crying, setting the tone of what’s in store. While the track is on a similar wavelength as lúpína’s earlier material (emotional pop with a turn towards dance beats), one craves to see the artist branch out into happier territory. JB

Laufey — Goddess
Released March 6

Your favourite hopeless romantic is back with a brand-new track. “Goddess” follows the artist’s aptitude for beautiful, slow-moving compositions. Driven by a quiet solo piano alongside Laufey’s voice, the track gets a serious uplift in its second half, amplifying it onto another existential plane. Laufey is currently on tour, with three hometown dates in Harpa, March 8 through 10. Unfortunately for those without a ticket, it’s all sold out, but maybe you’ll spot the artist cruising around town. JB

Lada Sport — Ólína
Released March 8

Where were you during Lada Sport’s zenith? Losing it all in the recession? Purchasing CDs? Admiring the latest Blackberry? Whatever quintessential noughties activity you were up to, chances are Lada Sport’s music was playing in the background. It only took them 14 years to release a song in Iceland, marking the end of their hiatus. From their forthcoming EP due later this year, “Ólína” is an upbeat indie track, transporting you back to simpler times. JB

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