From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: Inspector Spacetime, Gusgus, CYBER & More

Grapevine New Music Picks: Inspector Spacetime, Gusgus, CYBER & More

Published November 10, 2023

Grapevine New Music Picks: Inspector Spacetime, Gusgus, CYBER & More
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We’re at the crucial point in the year, when modern takes on classic Christmas songs start popping up all over the place. We might even see some original holiday tunes crop up. Despite your take on holiday fare, there is plenty of non-Christmas-related music, as demonstrated by the following list. With the dust of Iceland Airwaves settling, there are plenty of great releases by even greater artists. Oh, and make sure to follow our podcast 66 Degrees Of Sound to keep on top of all the spectacular Icelandic music coming out. In our latest episode, we cover two tracks off this particular list — but you’ll have to listen to find out which.

Silva & Steini – Christmas Time Is Here
Released November 3
For some, November marks the point at which playing Christmas songs is (finally) socially acceptable. Other people – like myself – are filled with yule-driven symptoms of anxiety upon hearing the mention of the holidays so early in the year. Whichever camp you’re in, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the latest track by jazz duo Silva & Steini is an exquisite rendition of this Vince Guaraldi classic. If I didn’t have all my presents still left to figure out, I’d be in the mood to jump straight into bed with a hot mug of cocoa. JB

Inspector Spacetime – EXTRAVAGANZA
Released November 10
Students of techno turned masters of dance, there is something unequivocally brilliant about Inspector Spacetime. Mixing millennial sarcasm with Gen-Z sincerity, the Inspector is as charming as they are talented. Extravaganza shows the trio tuning in to their more sentimental side, while constructing immaculate grooves and infectious sounds. “Inspector Spacetime Saves The Human Race” is both reminiscent of pop act Sykur and PC musician Sophie. However, it’s distinctly Inspector Spacetime. JB

Released November 10
Never ones to back away from the shock or taboo topics, techno duo Cyber release the brilliant “PORN STARR.” Driven by a rowdy techno beat and the outfit’s wish to “Be like the girl you see in the movies,” Cyber hit all the right notes in their latest release. Don’t miss out on the steamy, face-melting guitar solo. Cyber can do it all. JB

GusGus – DanceOrama
Released November 10
We’ve spent countless words on GusGus – the troupe that broke all possible boundaries in Icelandic music when they first hit the scene. Now, 28 year later, they are still going strong. Still keeping the party going. Still not backing down. Evident as DanceOrama is the group’s 12th studio album. Do yourself a favour and see them live. They’ll be performing in Harpa on November 17 and 18. JB

Sucks To Be You Nigel – birdnoise
Release November 10
The long-awaited sophomore album by Sucks To Be You, Nigel, is finally out. More ambitious sounding than their debut, birdnoise ties in heavy post-rock and post-hardcore influences. Despite this development, their signature, upbeat, Purrkur Pillnikk-esque sound is prevalent on tracks like “Splitta G-inu”. What shines throughout the record is Nigel’s unrelenting energy and their dedication to having fun. What else would you expect, when you have the track title “I was totally thinking of throwing out an apology to the group, like a real apology to the whole group”? JB

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