From Iceland — Track By Track: Lemon Street With Pale Moon 

Track By Track: Lemon Street With Pale Moon 

Published June 13, 2022

Track By Track: Lemon Street With Pale Moon 
Valur Grettisson

Pale Moon is an intriguing psychedelic rock band comprised of husband-wife duo Árni Guðjónsson and Natalia Sushchenko and signed to Spanish label AU! Records. The handful of singles they’ve released to date have piqued our interest, so we at the Reykjavík Grapevine have been waiting with bated breath for their new album, Lemon Street, to drop on June 1st. Now that it’s here, we asked Pale Moon to walk us through the offering, track by track. Here’s what they had to say for themselves.

I confess 

Life is such a mess! Your life is not perfect, no matter what your Insta says, forget it. 

Life is total chaos, and an utter mess, let’s just all admit that and stop pressuring each other into perfectness. It’s unreachable and unrealistic. Relax, enjoy, and who is Miley Cyrus? 

Just Words

Just Words is a song about arguing with your partner. Hurt feelings and unpleasant things said out of anger, but hey, they’re just words. Don’t try to solve things while your blood is boiling. Step back, take 20-30 minutes and then address the issue. Anger makes the brain go dumb dumb. 


The most psychedelic song. Have you ever been in a situation where a friend of yours is opening him/herself up to you? You feel awkward and uncomfortable. The friend finishes the speech and waits for your reply. Instead of giving a heartful answer or life-changing advice you crack up a joke and look away. Acting like a clown.   


Summer is here!! Get your gear on, inflate those beach balls, where’s that quick tan lotion. Put up your shades and pretend to be a rocksta-a-ar.  

Truman Show 

It takes hell-a-lot of courage to do anything. Then someone comes along with “awesome” opinions and “great” advice (read sarcastically). This song is about not letting these naysayers get to you because it’s all a big Truman Show anyways.       


Our first ever song!! Bits and pieces from childhood, Stand by me, and glimpses of our trip to Cuba and Mexico, where the song was composed. Tales told in a preachy TV evangelist manner. The hook of this song is the intro and we dare anyone to sample it.   

Strange Days 

Take a bit of Bruce Springsteen, a dash of the Strokes, Dayglow and sprinkle Boy Pablo on top. That is the recipe for a song like Strange days. Please don’t get thrown off by; We’re all gonna die, we’re all gonna die. 

That’s just us trying to tell you not to forget to enjoy life before it’s over, in the most blunt and brutal manner.   


A break-up story told in a subtle french fashion. Soft breathy voice a la Jane Birkin, paints the picture of a couple separating, whilst in the middle of the road. A sudden and unexpected break up. One of them leaves in such a haste that he/she accidentally leaves a guitar behind. This new possession has a significant change for the one left behind. A beginning of a new life, or maybe just a metaphor for the mark previous partners leave on us.  

Dusty Road 

This is a Doors influenced song that took an unexpected turn and became a country song. A lone ranger, with a rugged past, is walking through Arizona towards California. The sun is setting and the cactuses cast a shadow on the red glowing hills. Our hero finds a motorbike and WRRRooooOOOoommmm into the sunset!   


An Oasis meets Elton John inspired singalong ballad, but somehow Fleet Foxes crashed that party. What a Party!!


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