From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Hipsumhaps, KALEO, The Vintage Caravan, Stefán Hafsteinsson & More!

Grapevine Playlist: Hipsumhaps, KALEO, The Vintage Caravan, Stefán Hafsteinsson & More!

Published April 16, 2021

Grapevine Playlist: Hipsumhaps, KALEO, The Vintage Caravan, Stefán Hafsteinsson & More!
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Still from “Þjást” by Hipsumhaps

Over music? Don’t be. Check out these new releases instead.

Kaleo – Skinny

Oh Kaleo—we didn’t ask to be sad today, but you did it anyway, didn’t you? “Skinny” is, to be frank, difficult to listen to. A distorted rock track about a love interest (or hate interest?) grappling with the standards of fame, the chorus details how said girl needs to stay skinny, pretty and hungry to keep her fans. So yeah, way to throw it all out there Kaleo. As if the pain of femininity weren’t blatant enough. Granted, while the song is catchy, the lyrics make it kind of too difficult for easy listening. I don’t know exactly what occasion would work well for this song, but I assume it’s when you’re already in some pit of despair, drinking wine alone and crying about being past your prime. Then Kaleo has got you covered.

On another note, they also, following their previous live video shot on Þrídrangar, released a special performance of the song filmed directly in front of the new Fagradalsjall eruption site, made by Grapevine award winners Rough Cult. We assume that next up they’ll film at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. HJC

Hipsumhaps – Þjást

I love this song. I really really love it. Why? Because there’s nothing I like more than crying at my desk while writing our monthly playlist, you know? The song, which translates to “Suffering” talks about the insecurity of love. Musically, it has the wash of harmonies and pain that brings up that famous Imogen Heap track and probably the-one-who-got-away or some other sentimental and sad person in your life. If you’re reading this… HJC

The Vintage Caravan – Can’t Get You Off My Mind

Shell-shocked ex-warrior playing darts? What could go wrong here? This new song with The Vintage Caravan is as powerful as their best stuff, and the video is one of the best we have seen this year, sporting one of Iceland’s rising comic stars, Vilhelm Netó. Caravan always deliver some real gut-punching rock and roll, and now they’ve done it with some serious style. We love it.VG

Of Monsters and Men – Destroyer

OMAM has been a hit favourite for people around the world, but the good thing is, they don’t rest on their laurels and make the same album over and over. They continue to evolve beyond mere tourist-core and into all new territories for the band, and this song is a prime example. A lush, sweeping ballad replete with emotive strings and stirring lyrics, it tugs at the heartstrings while maintaining pop sensibility. Great stuff. ASF

RAKEL, JóiPé & CeaseTone – Ég var að spá

“Ég var að spá” (“I Was Thinking”) is a low-key pop superhit with an interesting mashup featuring hip-hop superstar JóiPé, indie folk-rock artist CeaseTone and jazzy pop singer Rakel, who just stepped up as a solo artist but a few months ago. The song is a slick modern hip-hop disco (that’s a thing, right?) number that delivers as a solid radio hit, which could easily save a shitty day in the rain. And to be honest, that’s all we want. VG

Stefán Hafsteinsson – Heima EP

A minimalist piano EP? From Iceland?! Unheard of! Ok, we joke, but Stefán’s ‘Heima’ is definitely a standout in the crowded world of Nordic piano minimalism. The slowness and pervasive wistfulness of his playing definitely make his works a bit too sad for the background-study-piano-playlist, but totally great for the walking-alone-at-night-depressed one. Put this in the background of a subtle indie war drama when the widow has to deal with the death of her young husband and we’re in. HJC

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