The Grapevine June Playlist: Daði, Mighty Bear, Joey Christ

The Grapevine June Playlist: Daði, Mighty Bear, Joey Christ

Published June 19, 2020

The Grapevine June Playlist: Daði, Mighty Bear, Joey Christ

Look, we get it. It’s been a rough year, and you just wanna relax with some chill tunes and good vibes. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our June playlist.

Daði – family man

A truly hypnotising piece of ambient pop, Daði’s fluid vocals are endlessly soothing. Just try to feel remotely stressed while listening to this song; we challenge you. PA

Hugar – A New Renaissance

Living up to a band name meaning “Minds,” this gentle instrumental track makes for ideal ambient music for relaxing one’s own, whether simply used for soothing backgrounds, or as an ideal soundtrack for meditation or yoga. NB

Mighty Bear – Is It True?

Most covers simply don’t live up to their source material. However, Mighty Bear’s cover of this Eurovision entry more than lives up to the original, it surpasses it. While Yohanna is strangely smiley throughout her 2009 performance of this very sad song, Mighty Bear leans into the tragedy and delivers a melancholic performance that is, frankly, moving. I’m crying. SPO

Emilia Anna – Dare to

This lo-fi electronic single is a mournful plea to a lover to be something more. The lyrics, “Dare to love me, dare to fight me,” seems to cry out to a person who isn’t living up to their full potential, urging them to do better. Coupled with a deep bass line, this one hits right in the feels. SPO

Creepshow Remix – Black Devil Disco Club – Synth Is Not Love

Creepshow, the side project of Reykjavík resident John Grant, has released a lively reworking of electro legend Black Devil’s latest single. Its distinctive hook and eerie multi-layered synth brilliantly capture the energy of the early 1980s electro scene, but with a modern edge. PA

Joey Christ – Píla Ft. Lil Binni

Joey Christ burst onto the Icelandic Hip-Hop scene three years ago and has not yet let us down. His newest offering, Píla, is a refreshingly slick song with a dash of humour and an excellent video. Lil Binni is a nice addition to the song’s cool vibe. VG

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