From Iceland — Electric Dreams: Welcome To KRÍA's Ice Pop

Electric Dreams: Welcome To KRÍA’s Ice Pop

Published November 21, 2018

Electric Dreams: Welcome To KRÍA’s Ice Pop
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Timothée Lambrecq

KRÍA is an Icelandic singer-songwriter-producer who has been exceptionally busy for the past three years, while managing to maintain a low profile … until now.. Lately she has been playing both local and international gigs on a regular basis, gaining a reputation for her visually pleasing, powerful and emotional live performances, which mix colourful and otherworldly visuals and electronic pop music that she refers to as “ice pop.”

Distortion and manipulation

KRÍA enjoys discovering music and sounds that manage to distort her from the present. Electronic and instrumental music gets her creativity flowing at the moment. “I can listen to just about anything,” she says. “Electronic music’s early days as a means of protest appeals a lot to me. It can really sound like nothing you have ever heard before.”

“I used to be more anxious and insecure, but now I feel I have a better grasp over my creative process and outlet.”

KRÍA commonly manipulates her singing-voice heavily in concert with effects and vocoders. “This is my attempt to distance myself from the audience,” she explains. “It’s similar to a mask; a protective mechanism. I used to be more anxious and insecure, but now I feel I have a better grasp over my creative process and outlet.”

Keeping it up

KRÍA has played both festivals and smaller venues in Reykjavík, including the independently-run basement venue/rehearsal space R6013 on Ingólfsstræti. “It’s tiny, intimate and my favourite venue in Reykjavík.I think the city could use more venues like it,” she says. “I also very much enjoy Húrra because of the different kinds of musicians that play there.”

KRÍA’s fourth EP is in the works, which she says “will be a stream of consciousness, much like my previous EPs. It’s something I had to get out of my system. Working on it is like a reminder for myself to keep going emotionally, no matter what.”

Stay tuned for KRÍA’s upcoming single “Pathogen,” a secret release concert, some super limited-edition merchandise, and a debut DJ set— under another moniker—early next year.

Go to to hear KRÍA’s most recent songs and for her upcoming events. Visit to preorder merch.

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