From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Úlfur, SEINT, GDRN, Ólafur Arnalds, GKR, Högni, More

Grapevine Playlist: Úlfur, SEINT, GDRN, Ólafur Arnalds, GKR, Högni, More

Published June 27, 2018

Grapevine Playlist: Úlfur, SEINT, GDRN, Ólafur Arnalds, GKR, Högni, More

If you’re sick of football, here are the latest tracks from the eternally renewable resource of Icelandic music instead.

Úlfur – Scraped (Kara​-​Lis Coverdale ‘Serpentine’ Rework)
Before his recent quite mellow solo album on the NYC label figureight, Úlfur Hansson—who goes by Úlfur, like Janet, or Björk—was most known for his light ambient sounds and orchestral compositions. Kara Liis Coverdale returns “Serpentine” to his original genre in this sensitive, meditative rework. The “Arborescence”{Remix EP} comes out July 20th. JR

Rari Boys – Hlaupa Hratt feat. Yung Nigo Drippin’ & Joey Christ
If you’re allergic to autotune, stay far away from this one. That said, if you’re into that kind of chill low-key trap best heard at 6 AM, “Hlaupa Hratt” (“Run Fast”) will probably be your thing. A conglomeration of the best of the newest of the Icelandic hip hop scene, the song is the perfect soundtrack for long summer weekends, well, at least those that involve benzos. HJC

GKR – BEIL ft. JóiPé
Who needs autotune when you have the voice of GKR? His newest song, “BEIL,” is an Icelandic version of “bailing.” It’s surprisingly smooth, with support of the rock solid voice of JóiPé, who became something of a superstar in Iceland after his hit track “B.O.B.A.” was a smash hit. “BEIL” is an nice track and underlines GKR as a solid performer. VG

Högni – Crash
One of the more epic cuts from Högni’s excellent debut solo album, ‘Two Trains,’ gets the video treatment. The orchestra groans, Högni croons and moans, and a scarlet tinged road-trip nightscape takes you along for the ride. Then, the unexpected twist: a pounding, synthy outro. A first glance back at the ambitious ‘Two Trains’ feels like it could age very well. JR

GDRN – Lætur mig ft. Floni & ra:tio
GDRN’s new catchy trap ballad, is decked out with some green screen magic, and features the talented FLONI and mysterious ra:tio. The smoothly auto-tuned vocals compliment the sexy chill beats perfectly. It is sensual, melancholic, and possibly the perfect soundtrack to your successful or failed summer fling. JIW

Seint – Sad Boy
You might have read about Seint in our last issue. We’re still under the spell of his widescreen electronic pop, which comes in the freshly-laid footprints of emerging stars like Chrome Sparks and Viigo. The album comes out imminently; “Sad Boy” will give you an idea of it’s enjoyably hazy sound. JR

Ólafur Arnalds & SOHN – unfold
Ólafur Arnalds has been talking up the expansive, collaborative nature of his forthcoming album ‘re:member.’ This second single is a collab with SOHN, and it has the hallmarks of Ólafur’s usual slick, swooning, inspirational/orchestral sound. It’s a mellow collage that’s no great departure from his existing path, but Ólafur fans will lap it up, for sure. JR

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