From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Fufanu, List Einn, Countess Malaise & Pusswhip, HRNNR & More

Grapevine Playlist: Fufanu, List Einn, Countess Malaise & Pusswhip, HRNNR & More

Published June 23, 2018

Grapevine Playlist: Fufanu, List Einn, Countess Malaise & Pusswhip, HRNNR & More
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Magnús Andersen

Oh lord! Like the presence of a pink unsetting sun in the midnight sky, the Icelandic music scene shines down constantly upon us all. Here’s what’s new.

Fufanu – Hourglass
Fufanu are a genre-skipping band that have released krautrock epics, new wave tracks, alt-techno, and indie-rock. Their new track is another swerve—it’s a languid, mournful song that you might not even recognise as Fufanu initially. It comes from the first ‘Dialogue’ EP in a promised series that the band declares is “an exercise in exploring our multiple sonic personalities.” JR

List Einn – Mantra
List Einn’s debut single opens with a groovy bassline that immediately makes you move your ass to the dancefloor. It offers a few surprises, however—after the funky beginning, the song develops into a melancholic electro-ballad, perfected with a catchy melody and repeated lyrics—making it an irresistible mantra of self-realisation. PW

Countess Malaise feat. Lord Pusswhip – Do You
The Countess and Lord are back with some goth realness for us peasants to get down to. Make sure your subwoofer is working, because this song demands it to be performing at its best. Close your eyes, and let Countess Malaise’s sermon and Lord Pusswhip’s beats consume you. JW

HRNNR – Ég held það bara! ft. Smjörvi & Dadykewl
‘Ég held það bara’ might genuinely be the best Icelandic rap video of all time. Featuring godzilla and lots of green screen ‘flying’, it—as well as the song itself—proves that all you need to create something iconic is imagination, bitch. HRNNR always impresses with his bizarre as hell rap and this is no exception. Bump it in your Prius. HJC

We Made God – Beyond The Pale (Album)
Seven years after the band’s sophomore album “It’s Getting Colder”, the Icelandic post-rockers return with a new record. There is still the same gorgeous despair in their music, framed by a cold yet atmospheric guitar sound, and an emotional vocal delivery. If you ever needed a soundtrack for a ten-month long winter, this is it. PW

When ‘Airy Met Fairy – When I’m Old
Lovers of múm, sóley, Cocorosie and all things krútt might enjoy this new single from Thorunn Egilsdóttir’s project; determined haters of said genre might find themselves throwing their coffee cup at the wall from all cuteness. Either way, the video, which features a mysterious gold-painted figure, is worth a look. JR

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