From Iceland — Hip-Hop Christmas: The Second Coming Of Emmsjé Gauti

Hip-Hop Christmas: The Second Coming Of Emmsjé Gauti

Published December 6, 2017

Hip-Hop Christmas: The Second Coming Of Emmsjé Gauti
Greig Robertson
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Art Bicnick

Emmsjé Gauti’s alternative hip-hop Christmas concert, ‘JüleVenner,’ promises nothing less than the Second Coming of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. And no, that isn’t a complete wind-up. After Gauti implored women to give birth at the event while promoting it in October, someone with a corresponding due date actually came forward, offering her… erm… biological services. This has made the birth of a prophetic Christmas child at Gauti’s event—which will showcase Icelandic talents like Salka Sól, Aron Can, JóiPé, Króli, Helgi Björn, Barton and special guests Cyber—a very real possibility.

Holy occurrence

It’s something the artist says he is both confused and delighted by. “I was actually amazed that someone who was about to have a baby would want to have it at our concert,” says Gauti. “It seems ridiculous, but I’m also really glad about it. I love it when people say yes to crazy ideas.”

In preparation for this holy occurrence, Gauti is pondering logistics. “I had this idea to invite my friend who’s a doctor, and a singer,” he says. “Maybe I could mix it up, and he could perform and also deliver the child.” Still, Gauti hopes that someone slightly less distracted could make it on the night of December 23rd and fulfill any medical responsibilities. “I’m asking midwives to come, and they can have a free ticket. We still need one.”

Cult leader

As well as a spiritual reckoning, concert-goers can expect a few Christmas surprises, though Gauti is remaining tight-lipped about what they might be. Needless to say, we can expect not to be disappointed. “I’m hoping random families that really believe in Jesus bought tickets to my show,” he teases. “I’m most excited to see them, because it’s going to be fucking hilarious.”

If you want to be a part of the mad merriment, you’ll have to hurry up, because only a few tickets remain. But despite the event’s popularity, Gauti is staying humble about its future potential. “We will build a cult around it and I could be the leader,” he concludes.

‘JüleVenner’ takes place six times between December 21st-23rd at Gamla Bíó. Tickets are on sale now.

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